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James Puckett
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  • Re: Hall of Shame

    …crediting the source is required.
    Required by whom? By the same person who appointed you as font policeman?
  • Re: To become a type designer?

    One of the most important things to do is learn who to take advice from. There are plenty off armchair design critics who have never designed a decent latin font but have lots of bad advice to offer. It's best to focus on the advice of successful designers who have produced a body of great work. Check out people's portfolios before taking them seriously.

    Look into shorter programs since grad school isn't an option. Typecon, ATypI, and   smaller type conferences offer great introductory workshops. Cooper Union has a condensed summer program, and sometime years Reading offers summer programs. And good calligraphy lessons can be found almost anywhere. 

    Since you are a practicing graphic designer start using calligraphy and lettering in your work. Some grear type designers started this way.
  • Re: Font Licensing: The Type Unite initiative

    We are students and graphic designers who want you to make money on your typefaces, so the next generation also have a workplace to be. Are we still "shady fuckers"?
    Yup. I didn’t ask to be involved in whatever you’re doing. So keep me out of it.
  • Re: Diversifying TypeDrawers

    So to bring women to Typedrawers we should treat their ears like delicate snowflakes that mighy crumble from the shock of impoliteness or an utterance of fuck? That seems rather sexist.
  • Re: What's up with TypeDrawers vs. Typophile and Hrant stuff?

    Hrant is a font groupie who gets off on pretending to be more.