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D. Epar ted
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  • Re: Dutch IJ with dots

    “Do people in cursive handwriting also have an issue with cursive connections in these same scenarios?”

    ...that’s what I’d like to know too. Reading, writing, speaking, and hearing are the informants, typography is a disformant overlay.
  • Re: TYPO Labs 2018 Berlin, April 12–14

    Not sure what Arabic’s need for a registered xtra axis has to do with Typolab’s curation of presentations? Arabic does not need to give a presentation to say it needs this, or an axis of identical functionality, to be registered. 
  • Re: Council for German Orthography officially allows use of u+1E9E

    "What about W? I_J?" 

    There were already Uppercase V, I and J, when the glyphs W and IJ were added, Nick. 

    There is no uppercase, (or small cap) long S. Adding a "go"-like shape from cyrillic, or a short cap S, (shortened by replacement of the entire bottom with a straight ending), are the suggestions beyond the state recommended use of "SS".

  • Re: Petite Caps, anyone?

  • Re: Selling opentype features as separate fonts

    Thomas, maybe "Adobe having no effective interest in helping app developers" would have been more accurate. Sorry. I don't care GX vs OT, never ever did. I only entered that to counter Max wild fantasy. I care type designer, font, typography, user, in whatever the appropriate order is for each project. Your Adobe stridence in a desire to help app developers, always references a lack of top-level adobe support. And you confuse with Unicode talk. Everyone had that bottom up rewrite. Everyone.

    So, regardless of your sometimes heroic acts, 20 years of OT-disappointed users, founders and developers, is the reality. You probably think adobe and MS apps didn't hook up to GX for technical reasons, and that can't be changed. But GX is all still there hooking up to OT just fine. The UI issues, and the font preparation and perpetration issues are only going to go away when all the apps and OS stop trying to be the colossus of nodes, astride the typography of the world. It's over. I mean, we are stuck with some rendering, but the OS, apps, font formats and page description languages, not so much.

    For Jasper, or nearly anyone else, if you are consistent in your sources, your customers will be able to thank you more quickly as you react to their reactions to their feature needs as brought on by the variety of types, apps, OS, pdls and combinations there of.

    Chris "You should not have to bailing wire your efforts to get all the applications in a suite to work together."

    You who? We do. Many of you scream for Victoria. Bailing wire, It's da fewcha o fonts.