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  • Re: [OTVar] Axes Proposals:


    Thanks for your comments. I will make more comments about "wght" and "wdth" on Peter's 1.8.2 thread soon. But, the two systems (TN's proposal, and the 1.8.2 spec of width and weight axes),  can only be automated one way. So, I don't believe:

    "A conversion of "wght" into a system like the TN proposal can be fully automated".

    If I understand the spec, to be brief, all of the instances of the "regular" weight, must have a weight value of 400. There are thousands of such regular instances in Amstelvar, (sizes, widths and grades of regular), and I know, as they should, those instances have different weights, so they work as a family of typefaces in typography at all those different sizes, widths and grades of regular.

    Removing all the other Amstelvar axes from consideration, I am to label all of Amstelvar's Regulars with 400 wght. This is a simple enough post-process, (as the current wght is per mille, I think), and an “easy fix" for customers who need it. But I couldn’t take a 3 axes variable font, like Amstelvar, where all those Regulars have been labeled "400", and do any more automation with them. I could be wrong but that is not an easy fix. 



  • Re: [OTVar] Axes Proposals:

    ..and good luck staying on topic.:)
  • Re: Two Types: The Faces of Britain

    Oh, I suppose funding cuts could justify font piracy too than.
  • Re: New Open Source Font by Production Type: Spectral

    "...the TT curves could be better even with the same number of control points."

    Except for the intended environment and use, that's great advice. But 40, 60, 120 hours later, what pixels are changed in the output? Plus, you are looking at curves the user would never see unless they stroked the font. In TT, at least, just like punch-cutting, one is always and only addressing the transparent (also known as white). So whatever error you see there, no matter how small, it's even smaller.;)

  • Re: Why FontCreator hardly used by professionals?

    "...creates TrueType fonts, which only use quadratic Béziers. Such curves are described by three points: two endpoints on the curve and a single control point off the curve. Remember conic sections from high school? That's the sort of things you can create with these. Kinda limiting."

    ...this, I think, is bogus top to bottom. 

    Quadratics can have as many off curve points if you want, I don't remember conic sections from high school, and the limitations to conversion, and possible curvature in digital outline fonts, are all found in Cubics. :)