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Tiffany Wardle


Tiffany Wardle
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  • Re: Donate to TypeDrawers (2017 Edition)

    Any way to set up the PP donation as a recurring monthly payment, as Stephen had done?
    We will look into that and get back to you. Thank you for asking.
  • Re: How big is the type design industry?

    Hrant, please [clarify] yourself. Joke or not. Calling the Alphabettes a militant-feminist group is not very funny.
  • Re: Hall of Shame

    I have always appreciated what John Downer wrote on the topic of revivals.
  • Re: New Bureau Roffa logo

    Ok. I will bite. 

    Connecting the BR in this way creates such a strong connection between those two letters that they become almost a distraction and lose connection to the words to which they really belong. 

    Also the Ro pair needs a little love.
  • Re: Online shops and language

    FWIW It was not until I did that research that I really understood that the EULA is a document representing how foundries run their business and value their fonts and as such could never be boiled down to one simple EULA. 

    Even if a new spreadsheet were created today it would still have to contain many levels and asterisks to explain addendum and minutia of how a font can be used. 

    That said it would be totally useful if it were interactive and one could click on, say, "app embedding" & "basic license" and only a list of foundries that allow app embedding with their basic license were shown. In fact, I'd say without some kind of interactivity this spreadsheet would be only slightly less confusing that simply finding the fonts you like and then reading the EULA and contacting the foundry.