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Tiffany Wardle


Tiffany Wardle
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  • Re: Petite Caps, anyone?

    If/When I use P-caps I don't use S-caps. It is a style thing for me.
  • Re: Using emoji cuts my post off

    :lol: Hrant you are such a party pooper.
  • Re: New Bureau Roffa logo

    Ok. Rebellious thought. What if you raise the /o/? That space is quite the gap. Even when I shrink the logo down. But yes, these are more cohesive now that the BR are no longer attached.
  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    Hopefully we have given you all enough flags allowing for the granularity you need to comment accordingly. 
  • Kern your punctuation. Please and thank you.

    First, I acknowledge that kerning is not always needed. For examples, monospace or Trinité both do not need/have kerning. 

    Second, I have never designed a typeface. I have only ever reviewed and used them. So I make certain assumptions when a typeface is being made that the designer does the spacing first, then kerns, then finds things to improve, ad infinitum until they release the typeface. In other words, I like to give people credit for following best practices.

    Third, I know nothing and want to know more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    All of this said, as I review typefaces I am amazed at how often I'm displeased with the kerning of pairs which include punctuation. I often start with looking at @Christoph Koeberlin’s useful paragraph. I find that it shows plenty of flaws to make general comments. Even within the first sentence I'm sometimes/often/frequently (but not always) dismayed at the lack of attention to detail in kerning such pairs as /“A/ /f”/ /‘A/ /f’/ and /’./

    Am I expecting too much?

    Edit/Note: I also realize it is very subjective. I'm not the sort to tinker when I'm doing my work unless absolutely necessary. That is where my original tweet started. I was exasperated to see I needed to tweak.