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Christian Thalmann


Christian Thalmann
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  • Re: Start Grotesque

    If you're going that way, I think a descender is a must.
  • Re: Replace ß by smallcap eszett or smallcap ss?

    As for «predictability»: I would argue that switching fonts will generally change the appearance of a given text more drastically than exchanging SS with ẞ... and while using SS for ẞ can cause loss of information, sticking to ẞ never does. After all, if the user typed ß before capitalization, they meant ß rather than ss. Anyone who can read ß can also read ẞ without hesitation — if not, the ẞ is badly designed.

    But then again, I'm not a typographer.
  • Re: Fonts similar to Tahoma

    Tahoma is not a knock-off of anything.

    I thought Tahoma was a deliberate knock-off of Verdana, in that it was a reproportioning of the typeface for print instead of the screen. Am I mixing something up here?

  • Re: Unnamed Sans (?)

    Very pretty and smooth!

    If you're worried about the /t being too light, consider giving it a «heel» on the left side of the stem where the foot starts. That will allow you to stay in tune with the flaring stem design of the other letters.

    Satyr by Monokrom does it well:

  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    Maybe "Vote Up" can be the new "Insightful" and "Vote Down" can be "Off-Topic".
    Or we can just go back to the old system that everybody liked better...? Is there an upside to the new system at all?