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Christian Thalmann


Christian Thalmann
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  • Re: What are 'true italics'?

    If people didn't want Italics to send a different message from Roman, they would just use Roman. The flavor of the Italics is part of the flavor of a serif typeface. A bad Italic is a good reason to reject a serif typeface for a project.

    The structural difference between Italics and Roman is a valuable part of their function. I agree that rational sanses can often get away with, or even profit from, minimal or no structural changes in the italic, but it would greatly impoverish and cheapen a serif typeface.
  • Re: No Name Serif (first typeface)

    I'm getting a Mrs Eaves vibe from it, at least from the proportions.

    I don't see the point of those jarringly incompatible serifs on the /H, though, especially since the top serifs of /v and /l do not second the idea.
  • Re: Vladivostok v 1.005 / extended Latin & Cyrillic, free, semi condensed sans-serif

    I certainly admit that the sharp top-left is today's normal. But I also feel making it round is an opportunity to make it more Russian, both historically and simply by being less Latin.
    Hrant, at some point you have to let the Russians decide what looks properly Russian.
  • Re: Logotype turned Typeface

    I dunno, I feel like the existing /g/ is the right style for this design.
    I find its tail too timid and too cramped. I agree that a monocular design should work in principle. Perhaps raising the bowl significantly above the baseline and allowing the tail to grow to its full horizontal extent would help.
  • Re: Logotype turned Typeface

    I love the /S/s, please don't break them. :grimace: Reminds me of Yanone Kaffeesatz and Antithesis.

    A two-storey /g would be fun, no doubt, but the Koch design ruins almost all typefaces it touches... maybe a true binocular design could work if you think of it as a single object to fill the available vertical space with, rather than a bowl and a tail.