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Christian Thalmann


Christian Thalmann
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  • Re: Proper weight instance progression for a multiple master

    Abraham, I think the plot with the stem widths lined up is a bit misleading. One of the big reasons why the question of weight progression is non-trivial is because for heavy weights, the size of counters and spaces becomes the dominant visual characteristic. If your heaviest weights are placed relatively far apart, the counters will seemingly collapse abruptly in the last weight.
  • Re: How to make a font in 9 hours

    Crisis was also created in a single day.
    Good effort — and yet, it would no doubt have been significantly better after even just two days. (The spacing of /ur/, for instance...)
  • Re: f/hcircumflex f/hbar pairs: kerning, ligatures or nothing at all?

    My go-to solution is to use CALT to turn /f into /f.short before ascending glyphs for which there is no ligature.

    (If I want to be fancy, as in the case of Cormorant, I also make this happen for glyphs with ligatures such that CALT takes over when LIGA is switched off. This requires hand-coding the LIGA feature, unfortunately, since Glyphs is incapable of figuring out something like /f_h.short.liga, and /f.short_h.liga is illegal as far as I can tell.)
  • Re: How to make a font in 9 hours

    I made a font in couple of nights and have barely touched it since then, and it is my second most popular font.
    I made Volantene Script in my spare time during one week and thought that was pretty quick... It's my most downloaded MyFonts offering, but presumably because it's free. :grimace:

    I don't doubt that a type designer can make a popular (not necessarily good) font in 9 hours — but that doesn't count the bajillion hours of training that led to the necessary competence.
  • Re: Fachwerk - display geometric sans (1st typeface)

    Some of the letters look like they can't agree on a baseline and a cap height, such as the /E and /N in «ENXAIMEL». I guess it's because you placed all the vertices on the guideline, but the stroke width then expands horizontal strokes beyond that like while the vertical stroke ends are not extended.