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Nick Shinn


Nick Shinn
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  • Re: Aspects of quality for a typeface

    I don’t consider quality as a degree of excellence, but as a distinctive characteristic.

    For retail typefaces, I always try to create an emergent quality, something new and different, starting with a unique concept and then working it out it as I craft the fonts.

    Whether the end result will have any utility is not wholly my responsibility, but is also determined by what typographers can contribute when they work with the fonts—which is also emergent.

  • Re: American Pickers Meets Font Business

    It’s sobering to find one’s typefaces on book covers in antique stores.
  • Re: [OTVar] Introducing OpenType variable fonts

    Any OpenType font with features is a variable font, in as much as it can vary the glyph that sets a character—especially one with Stylistic Sets that cover an entire character set.

    Slider Font might be a better term, as presumably a slider will always be used to make the OTVar fonts do their stuff. 
  • Margo Chase

    Margo Chase died in a plane crash July 22nd.
    She was one of the pioneers of digital type design, designing many imaginative fonts.
    She moved on with Chase Design Group, doing mainstream branding, very type-savvy.
    I worked on a project for her last year and just finished another, in which she designed and drew a smart script typeface and art directed versions of which I roughed up and randomized.
    She was a pleasure to work for. Much respect.
  • Re: Monospaced ligatures

    Monospaced fonts are funny-looking, so ligatures fit right in, so to speak—I will expect to see the quaints c_t and s_t too!