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Nick Shinn


Nick Shinn
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  • Re: Color will be the new Italic. Color will be the new Bold.

    There is a small market for layered fonts, which have been available for 25+ years.
    So, not much market-driven demand for huge change there.

    Colour will never be the new bold.
    When one uses colour for contrast, one usually bumps up the weight.
    That’s because colouring type doesn’t make it bigger, which bolding does, and also makes it less clearly defined.
    Color can produce meaningful contrast, but for type it is always weaker than boldness.

    On the other hand, apparently my house is “powered by Rogers” (internet service provider), so anything goes.

  • Re: Q: "Moderately modern, but not futurist, book jacket design by Morrison"?

    Indeed, he was adopting a style of design he felt was appropriate to the content. It does look a bit forced, and it’s hard to know whether there is an element of parody or not, as few British or American designers of the time really “got” European modernism. 
  • Re: Special dash things: softhyphen, horizontalbar

    Soft Hyphen = Discretionary Hyphen.

    In InDesign: <Type> <Insert Special Character> <Hyphens> <Discretionary Hyphen>

    When you insert it in a word, it looks like nothing happens. But when that word breaks between lines, then the hyphen appears at the pre-determined position.

    I would assume an extra, special character is required, so that the text can be copied to other applications with the same breaking stipulation.
  • Re: the OpenType features UI questionnaire /Q2

    I was really disappointed when MyFonts stopped showing the Contextual Alternates feature in its type tester.

    MyFonts is my main distributor, and I had invested a lot of time in developing typefaces which exploited that feature.

    Not a Discretionary feature, but a similar issue. 
  • Re: MyFonts and families

    I’m not quite so pessimistic. 
    Having worked as an art director with some appreciation for type, I would often find it very difficult to find the typeface that was just right for a job.
    And that is why I would licence a new one.
    Also, one comes to realize that the original is better than the clones, and some typefaces just are quite unique.
    Others, new, just seem right for the time.

    Also, bear in mind that many designers don’t like to cheat, and many work for businesses that play it straight with properly licensed software, because they are concerned about the legal ramifications of piracy, as well as bug issues.