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Ahmed Nabil


Ahmed Nabil
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  • Re: Arabic / Persian (Farsi) / Urdu Writing And Calligraphy Software And Fonts List.

    Hi, a great thing you did here. I have some fonts too. If you want you can take a look at them here or here.
    I'm at Luc Devroye too :)
    Thank you, Shahab.
    your work looks good.
  • Arabic / Persian (Farsi) / Urdu Writing And Calligraphy Software And Fonts List.

    1. A list of Arabic / Persian (Farsi) / Urdu, or any other Languages that use Arabic Script, Writing and Calligraphy programs.
      if you know more programs please mention them, and I will add them.
      Also some good Arabic fonts are added, if you know good arabic fonts please mention and I will added them.

      1- WinSoft,
      a- eMashq (online calligraphy tool) :, a web application, subscription based.
      b- ScribeDOOR (Adobe InDesign and illustrator plug-in): multilingual documents editing tool for documents and posters containing more than one language.
      c- Tasmeem (Adobe InDesign plug-in): professional Arabic typography and design page layout program, with many professional fonts for books publishing, new versions are subscription based.

      2- Sinasoft,
      a- Zarnegar (old software to be updated soon): Arabic / Persian (Farsi) / Urdu very powerful word processor.
      b- Kelk: professional Arabic calligraphy software with many fonts and easy to use.
      c- Garcé: MS word 2003 powered by some Kelk fonts and features.

      3- maryamsoft,
      a- Miremad: classic Arabic typography tool for MS office, contain 9 calligraphic fonts.
      b- QalamBartar: professional Arabic typography tool for MS office and Adobe InDesign, and can be enforced with many continuously added fonts.
      c- Maryam: Persian (Farsi) word processor plug-in for non-Persian programs.

      4- Inpage Urdu, professional Urdu Writing and publishing software.

      5- Golansoft Arabic Calligrapher, or 2d vector software, with special tool for Arabic calligraphic fonts.

      6- Maathir Group sobek (not released yet): Arabic calligraphy software which got its fonts from Otman Taha.

      7- Chalipa Software, Chalipa 2 (old software, last version 2005): Nastaliq writing tool.

      8- diwan, al-Nashir al-Sahafi Yaqout: professional arabic publishing software.

      a- Adoos: shekasteh writing tool.
      b- Nstgar: Nastaliq writing tool.

      a- Arabic Editor Prem: Arabic word processor.
      b- Urdu Editor Pro: Urdu word processor.

      11- unitype:
      a- Global Office (old software): multilingual add-on for MS office.
      b- Global Writer (old software): multilingual word processor.

      12- International Systems Consultancy, ParsNegar II (old software, last version 2007): Arabic / Persian (Farsi) / Urdu word processor.

      a- Al-Rassam Al-Arabi (old software): Arabic writer plug-in for non-arabic programs.
      b- ArabicXT (QuarkXPress plug-in): Arabic publishing software.

      14-, UNIVERSAL WORD 2000 (old software): multilingual word processor.

      15- UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER, AlKaatib Arabic Wordprocessor (old software): Arabic word processor.

      16-, Jaspell Jaldi Multilingual Word Processing Software (old software): multilingual word processor.

      17-, Arabic Genie: Arabic writer for non-arabic programs in apple MAC.

      a- NamehNegar 3 (old software): Arabic / Persian (Farsi) / Urdu word processor.
      b- Alef (old software): Persian (Farsi) Word Processor.

      19- C-DAC GIST, TAHREER: Urdu writting plug in.

      20-, Khot 3: Arabic/Urdu word processor.

      21-, Urdu Wordpad: Urdu word processor.

      22-, Mubeen: Adobe InDesign Urdu writing plug-in.

      23- HamoonSoft, ParWin 2013: Persian (Farsi) word processor plug-in for non-Persian programs.

      24-, Urdu Nigar Unicode: simple and free urdu word processor.

      25-, Urdu Word Processor.

      26-, Farsido: Farsi Unicode editor 

      27-, AutoPers: an add-in for Word allowing Persian/Farsi word-processing with a US/European keyboard

      28- individual unique fonts:
      a- Zuhair Albazi Naskh Font.
      b-Muhammad Musa Albazi Naskh Font.
      c- Khaled Hosny Amiri Font.
      d- Abdoullah Aref Ruqaa Font.
      e- Sultan Fonts :
      1- SF Nizar.
      2- SF Ruq'ah (4 weights).
      3- SF Ausan.
      4- SF Mada.
      5- SF Naskh.
      f- Abdo Mushaf Masr Font.

      29-, a page that contains many links to Arabic fonts news. very rich source of information.