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Rodrigo Saiani


Rodrigo Saiani
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  • Re: the OpenType features UI questionnaire /Q1

    I have recently designed a custom font family with all features to a major Brazilian brand. Because the support is limited for OT Features in some softwares, it is possible that most applications I'll see from the project will bear just the basic set. If one wants to make sure it's easily accessible, we need to make an alternate font just for the features, and sometimes this requires more work on either end of producers and or users.
    I have been on both sides, specifying rich featured type for basic user stuff such as Powerpoint presentations only to be limited by the lack of these features in those softwares.

    This has easily been a source of frustration in branding and typeface projects alike.

  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    I think upvoting and downvoting works for stuff like stack exchange, for which one specific solution might be the best answer to someone's issue. I think the threads here are way more open ended than such a type of discussion.
  • Re: Fontspring

    I read it exactly like Ethan described, just a quicker, lesser bureaucratic way of doing business. This has a lot to do with them always being transparent and upfront about any change they make.

    Fontspring is a really good distributor, if nothing else for the freedom it gives in the admin panel with almost zero back and forth to set up a project and get it to customers as reliably as possible.