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Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney
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  • Re: Illustrator and Photoshop both support OT variable fonts now

    The variable fonts are only the basic glyph set, bot much in terms of punctuation or symbols ect. Fun to play with though! 
    Some of them have limited character set, others are full fonts. The ones with “Concept” in the name (Myriad, Minion) are the more prototype fonts, but the others (Acumin, Source Sans, Source Serif, Source Code) are fully functional.

    Acumin was already a favorite classic grotesque for me, so this will be nice to have. And of course getting axis-based Myriad and Minion back after 15 years away will be lovely.
  • Re: No Name Serif (first typeface)

    I'm wondering if the lowercase o could use a tad more overshoot. Can't really tell with the top, but the bottom definitely seems a bit weak on the baseline.

    While making the top serifs on the H different from the bottom is not inconceivable, it is certainly very unconventional. If you are OK with making a relatively strange/odd typeface, that is up to you. But I suspect it will make it “not a normal text typeface.” I'd have to see it in use in body text to be sure, though. Sometimes details like this fade away, and sometimes they are surprisingly jarring.
  • Re: FontLab Studio and High Sierra

    I am sorry to say that I can confirm that this is a problem for FontLab Studio 5.1.5 I'm going to go write a blog post right now and publicize it.

    I had not heard any other reports, but then again, lots of people don't upgrade instantly to the new version. Our preliminary testing didn't spot such a problem, but this was not immediately obvious without doing that particular operation.  :(
  • Re: Norse Sans, Geometric & Grotesque

    Is it just me, or do a low-waisted E and F normally go with a high-waisted B, P and R?
  • Re: 2017 Font Purchasing Habits Survey Results (worth the read!)

    So half have read a font EULA at least once, at some time, ever. That doesn’t mean they do it routinely or even semi-regularly.

    I think another useful question would be, "what proportion of the time are you familiar with the EULA (either you read it, or you have read it before) before you license/buy a font?"