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Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney
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  • Re: New approaches of Arabic and English typeface, Please your feedback

    John: I spotted a bunch of Arabic glyphs in the video between 8-12 seconds into it. There was also a lone Arabic glyph at 52 seconds.

    But yes, the Arabic was barely shown and only in passing, the video was 1:23 long and 0:05 of that showed the Arabic. It was more of a marketing piece that didn't really show the Arabic much.
  • Re: Brain Sees Words As Pictures

    You'll need to define which version of “empiricism” you mean before anybody can disagree. But clearly personal and individual experience is rather limited compared to experimental method, and when one is talking about how the brain works, it is awfully easy to fool oneself and hard to do double-blind experiments on oneself. (Let alone have n much greater than 1.)

  • Re: Does anybody use combining accents?

    There are languages with characters that don't even exist as precombined single characters in Unicode. I think combining accents are pretty common for those (although one can also do them as ligature-like combos with the 'ccmp' feature).
  • Re: Specific diacritic designs depending on language

    David B: So, an axis for accent steepness? I like it!
  • Re: Origins of Python in Type Design

    An opinion formed from relatively short and shallow involvement: It feels like there's not more room in this small community for more than one scripting environment. There are tools out there written in other languages (C and JavaScript), but the bulk of public tools are all Python, without a good reason to use anything else (for scripting).

    I agree. I especially agree because few type designers are programmers, and most type designers are not super technical in this way. Thus learning even one scripting language is a lot for them. Most don’t really want to, and even if they do, it will take them longer to learn another scripting language than it would somebody who is a programmer.