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Thomas Phinney


Thomas Phinney
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  • Re: Minion Pro Phonetic

    Adobe may also know who designed those glyphs, so I would try contacting them.
  • Re: What, no Covfefe font yet?

    @Paul Miller: The Cyrillic alphabet went through an alphabet reform under Peter the Great circa 1708. I think you are talking about the Old Church Slavonic style of Cyrillic.
  • Re: Kerning and Nick Shinn's mashed potatoes preference

    I won't make any claims for anybody else's automatic spacing, but FontCreator seems to be making the spacing less consistent.
  • Re: Multiple master/Designspace design workflow

    I'll just note that while not often done, Multiple Master as a format allowed intermediate masters and did not require masters in the corners of the design space, as well as glyph-specific design shifts in the space.

    But as usually implemented, it did require these things.  :p

    While I wouldn't say that Ben is "wrong," I would say that my experiences and results tend to lead me closer to Georg's line of thinking.
  • Re: Multiple master/Designspace design workflow

    Given the design of Cantarell, you can go as light as you like, and a step or two bolder, before you start to need to do anything special for optical compensations with an extra master. At first it would just be for a few glyphs such as a and e. If you go a lot bolder, you'd need to do a whole master.

    You should try starting with keeping the Regular as a master, and doing the lightest and boldest weights. Then see how different it looks (and whether it's a problem) if you drop the Regular master.

    That said, in general I would just use two masters, and do corrections at the heaviest end as needed (per Georg's comments). The reason being that for further development, changes and extension, it's just a lot less work if you have two masters instead of three.

    And as a bonus, the final file size would be smaller. I know you say that's not a priority, but it can't be a *bad* thing, right?  :)