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Stefan Peev


Stefan Peev
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  • Re: Cyrillic lowercase shha (һ) - ascending vs non-ascending

    Kent Lew said:
    Stefan — You provide two contradictory viewpoints. On the one hand, the PT Astra family could be viewed as a kind of standard to follow (where the shha has a full ascender, basically a Latin h); then in the next breath you state that it could be more logical to have an x-height ascender, not following the PT standard.

    So, unfortunately, that doesn’t provide any practical answer. But thank you for joining the conversation.

    That's it, Kent. There is a contradiction. That's what I wanted to point out. But the contradiction is not in my statement. The contradiction is in the life. I personally choose the Paratype's decision. Because PT Astra families are designed to be fonts for Slavic and non-Slavic people who use Cyrillic script. And they will be widely distributed as such typefaces. So PT Astra family will design the standard for a shha glyph. Even if they are wrong. I am also a linguist and I know that language never evolves according to the rules we are trying to draw. Often a massive repetition of a language error leads to the formulation of a rule that normalizes it as a norm.
  • Re: Cyrillic lowercase shha (һ) - ascending vs non-ascending

    Well, I think that the answer could be seen in PT Astra Sans and PT Astra Serif - two font families by Paratype, which must be a replacement of Times New Roman (so, we could think about them as a kind of standard or the point of view of the Russian typography). If we seek for some logical decision, then the x-height ascender version is more logical because the shha form with x-height ascender is more closely related to all other Cyrillic forms in the alphabet unlike the Serbian script where Cyrillic forms live together with purely Latin forms).
  • Re: Cyrillic afii to Unicode table

    "Rename Cyrillic Afii to Uni" is a set of 2 tables for Cyrillic Script in the Unicode range 0400–04FF, 0500–052F. I made this set for myself. But maybe it will be of use for somebody else. You could preview the tables here.
  • Re: Local Fonts – a site dedicated to fonts and their localization

    On the site Local Fonts there is a section "Font Creators, Editors and Additional Tools". The ambitious aim is the section to be a comprehensive list of tools for type designers. I thank you in advance for any suggestions here or as a comment on the site page.

  • Re: Quador – a squarish serif

    About the Cyrillic letter /б have in mind the excellent article of Gayaneh Bagdasaryan – A Look at the Cyrillic Letter „б“.