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  • Re: Letterink – Stroke extension for Glyphs

    About a year or two ago I think there was a dude in here who developed a font editor for the browser. His idea is in parallel with yours by working with a skeletal system, in fact he had a working system in place and even uploaded a bunch of samples. You'll have to search the forum to find the discussion thread. 
    It's called FontArk. Google it.
  • 2017 Font Purchasing Habits Survey Results (worth the read!)

    Since many (most?) of the users here create and sell fonts of their own, I thought everyone would be interested in the results of a recent survey. There's a LOT to go through, but well worth glancing through to see what people look for and want when going through the process of finding and purchasing fonts. I found a few things that I can to do better.

    Here's the link:

  • Re: Quador – a squarish serif

    Christian: Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean with the /a ?
    I can't speak for Christian, but I think what he's seeing is this:

    where that feeling of angularity gets more apparent as the strokes get thinner.

  • How do you handle the finances of a project?

    I have a bunch of questions about the general financial aspects of a commissioned project and would love to hear how you all handle them. What have you found that works or doesn't work?

    It is my top priority to 100% fair and honest to both myself and my clients so we both feel like we get what we wanted once the project is said and done.

    Specifically, I'm interested in the following kinds of details:
    1. Generating a quote - What factors do you include? How do you split things up? How do you itemize the task? Do you charge per-glyph? By the hour? Per feature set? Per language?
    2. Getting paid - Do you stick to the quote price or do you require some pricing flexibility if the project changes (e.g., if it takes more/less time than you anticipated)? Do you require payment up-front, either in-full or an initiation portion? Do you ask for a lump sum at the end? Do you consider financing options for the client (i.e., breaking up the total into monthly payments with interest)?
    Or, do you do something completely different? I'd love to hear your success and horror stories.
  • Re: Best Practice for removing components

    I usually use a simple script that takes care of these changes, generates the binary font, and then closes without saving the changed font. That way, I can be certain I haven't changed the original file. I've never had a problem with that approach.

    The other option you propose wouldn't be a problem, but it's just more manual intervention. If that way works better for you, I'd just make a copy of the original and give it an obvious name (e.g., "...-ERASE_ME.vlb") and once you've done all the final production steps on that and generated the fonts, delete it. It's a lot of extra steps that I'd probably mess up on, but do what works for you!