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John Savard


John Savard
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  • Re: Units per em

    Given that 18 units per em was good enough for Monotype, on the one hand no doubt 1000 units per em is enough, but on the other hand, a number of units that is a multiple of 18 would provide compatibility.
  • Re: Optical correction in Arabic monoline

    That is not how cognitive scientists now believe that we read.
    That may be. But my argument is that even if bouma played a significant role in reading, there could be reasons for difficulty in reading the Arabic script.

    Obviously, the individual letters must be important; if one takes a sample of English text, and blurs it so that only the bouma is visible, it becomes unreadable. But it's also true that lower-case reads better than upper-case, despite the latter being more legible, which would seem to indicate bouma is significant.

    The question of how much significance is properly allocated to bouma is a complicated and difficult one, and I only have a very limited acquaintance with the facts involved; thus, I felt unprepared to wade into a debate with Hrant over that issue.