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John Savard


John Savard
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  • Re: Vietnamese diacritic ascender adjustments

    Because this line of thinking brought us the wrong behavior of using the win-metrics for linespacing.
    Well, I'm assuming that a font should be designed to work perfectly in the programs that are already existing out there, from WordPad on up.

    If they don't correctly implement the standard, the standard may need to be redefined to correspond to the reality out there.
  • Re: Playing around with Venetians

    In fact I hesitated some time for the 1. You are right, at Jenson time it seems that 1 was more like a short I with a symmetrical above serif, and I could try it too.
    Not just at the time of Nicholas Jenson. Before 1990 or thereabouts too. For example, it's like a capital I in Garamond.

    This is a very recent innovation. At least the first time I noticed it was in Georgia by Microsoft.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    Exactly. So let's stick to common sense: virtually everybody likes to save money; and most people have trouble telling apart TNR and Georgia. Now work from there.
    The conclusion to be drawn from the situation you cite is obvious.

    The market for paid fonts will largely evaporate once somebody makes a free clone of either Times, Century Expanded, or Baskerville, and then once that happens, additional free fonts will have little or no effect.

    Irony aside, that is sort of like what actually happened: Bitstream nuked the paid font market, but there has been no noticeable additional impact from Google Fonts.
  • Re: The beginning of the end

    I don't see anything in there about a change in the price of the font licenses.

    I'll grant you that an increase in convenience will make some difference. But compared to

    a) Google Fonts, and

    b) all those Bitstream look-alikes to the most popular well-established typefaces available cheaply with Corel software,

    this seems to be a relatively small threat to the type design field.
  • Re: Early forms of Cyrillic Р/р

    I would not wish the Russian people to have suffered after the fall of the Soviet Union as the German people suffered after the fall of the Third Reich. But it is no more admissible for Russians to harbor illusions about the Soviet Union or romanticize it, or support any military adventures by their nation in defiance of the world's democracies, than it would be for Germans to behave similarly.

    Yeltsin pointed Russia in the direction that made Russia a force for world peace and world freedom; that is not a disaster. Had he similar successors, the deaths of so many innocent people in Georgia and the Ukraine would not have happened.

    And, as to Japan, the discrimination suffered by the people there of Korean descent is a problem. Not a lack of national pride by the Japanese, who, astonishingly, enjoy a higher per capita income than, say, the people of South Korea and the Philippines.