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  • Re: Marking Copies of Fonts

    Right, the checksums are for modification detection only. In my case, wanting to offer fonts online with a subsetter, there is no one file that I can diff against. Each file could be different and need to be 'signed' on the fly.
  • Space Bar 1.0

    Hi everyone,

    I released the first stable version of my spacing/metrics assistant for called “Space Bar” today.
    It’s available for 20€ (15€ for students) on my shop at

    More information about the tool here:

  • Re: Options for new type designers?

    My idea as a young guy:

    As a self-publisher you need many years of time to make a name and build reputation for the technical quality of your fonts as professional tools, regardless of the design. Fame is easy to reach, but earning money isn’t related to fame, strangely, in my experience in our field. Or maybe I’m just doing everything wrong.
    If you manage to build a good portfolio over years, big amounts of money can be made, but they will be the result of many years of hard work. I say: seven years.
    And you can’t calculate with 100% margin from direct sales because no one knows your shop. You need to calculate with reseller margins of 50% (FontShop) or 35% (Myfonts) or whatever.
    You need to take care of: Design, mastering (incl. screen optimization), pro online shop, marketing, contracts with resellers, customer support, continuously updating your library for new formats (recent example: web fonts, apps), creating pro documentation for n00b users and last but not least: responsibility for the technical quality (there may be more I forgot). I never want to receive that phone call from that publishing house saying: »Listen, your font just fucked up the 100K print run of our new mag«, though it’s probably a rather small chance nowadays.

    If you go with an established foundry, you normally give away all parts of the work except the design itself, and receive somewhere between 5% and 30% (FontFont) of the sales.

    Comparing worst and best numbers:
    So that’s 35% revenue with all the work for you (self publishing) compared to 30% with next to none of the work (established foundry).
    And the exposure is probably better through a foundry, because no one knows you.
    No-brainer for me.

    So my personal question was: Do I want to bind myself to the office desk for the rest of my life: I don’t.
  • Re: Online shops and language

    I’ve followed this thread a bit, but don’t understand the goal.
    Some of you are working on an overview of foundry’s licenses, okay.
    But is the goal to simply publish this overview or is the goal to create a somewhat unified set of licenses and encourage foundries to use them?
  • It’s time to register your Speed Punk plug-in

    Type designers:
    I’m currently counting 82 unregistered installations of my Speed Punk plug-in for (as opposed to 41 last time I checked two months ago). That’s a steep increase.’s plug-in update functionality includes a completely anonymous ID of your installation. That’s how I’m counting.

    If any of you people still hasn’t licensed it, now is the time to do it. Stealing other people’s software to create fonts that you’re going to sell is inacceptable behaviour. Even if you’re *just* a student. Anyone of you spends more than 20€ on a single night out. I know it. I’ve been a student. I’m giving students a 25% discount (after registration). The discounted 5€ prove how ridiculously cheap Speed Punk is.

    82 installations equal a whopping 4 months of my rent. Or did you think type designers don’t need to pay rent, or food, or other software, or go out, because they’re artists?

    Get it:

    Apologies and many thanks to all those of you who have licensed it.