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Paul Miller


Paul Miller
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  • Re: Munson, a Victorian style slab serif

    Well I have what I think is a useful set of characters, 186 in the Cyrillic block and 36 in the Cyrillic Supplement block, that's a lot more than some fonts I could name which claim Cyrillic support because they contain the glyphs from the 'Windows Glyph List 4'.

    If anyone can offer any advice or criticism I would be grateful, especially from Cyrillic speakers.  I won't take any more characters out because I've already done the work now.

    There are also Bold and Bold-Italic versions but I've probably taken more than my fair share of server space on the forum and I think I can extrapolate the difference.
  • Re: Munson, a Victorian style slab serif

    This reminds me of Soviet university textbooks, set in the Standard typeface (,, but less contrasty. Do you have any plans to add Cyrillics?
    I thought it was finished but a user found an error in the small caps feature and e-mailed me about it.

    Whilst I was working on it I decided to add Erwin Dennison's brilliant Open Type Fractions code, thanks Erwin. :)

    Then I thought about whatSamuil had said and had to agree it did look like the standard soviet block serif font so I have added some Cyrillic characters.

    So far I have not added any of the historic or archaic characters or any ethnic group with less than ten thousand readers.  But I am unsure just how much I need to add (I will probably end up adding too many as usual).

    Can anyone see any mistakes or things which would look odd to a native cyrillic user ?

    This is not live on the website yet, that is still the old version for the time being, there is still a lot of work to do before I release the update.

  • Re: Weapon of choice

    I sometimes work on my laptop and sometimes on my desktop.

    On the laptop I have a Logitech wireless gaming mouse, G602 and I have the extra buttons set up to do useful things in Font Creator. Wireless mice suit a laptop where you don't want lots of wires spread about.

    On my desktop machine I have a very ordinary Logitech M500 corded mouse because it is simple and reliable, it should be the other way round really because I only play games on the desktop machine.

    Both mice are roughly the same size, weight and shape.  Both these mice fit my hand well and I can highly recommend them. :)

  • Re: Vladivostok v 1.005 / extended Latin & Cyrillic, free, semi condensed sans-serif

    This talk might be of some use to you.

  • Re: Crooked man on a crooked path

    It can become permanent.

    When I designed 'Kelvinch' I made the Armenian upright in the Roman and Bold versions.  It wasn't until much later that I had some feedback from an Armenian user of the font.

    He said that Armenian characters are always drawn with a slight italic slant, about 3° or 4° and that Armenian characters drawn upright are seen by Armenians as being bent backwards and definately not drawn by an Armenian.  ALthough he did say that the examples given in the Unicode Standard in the Armenian code block were ridiculous and exaggerated.

    So be warned it can become permanent ! :o :D