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Paul Miller


Paul Miller
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  • Re: Public domain pros and cons

    I like the SIL Open Font License ( which says just about the same as the GNU GPL but in a lot fewer words.

  • Re: Philippine piso symbol U+20B1

    I was going to propose a new structure but then realized the Ruble already uses it...

    Ah, what about this?

    I asked my wife about this symbol (she's a Filippina) and she said it doesn't look like a Philippine Peso symbol, sorry.

  • Re: Philippine piso symbol U+20B1

    The Filipinos are very easy going about this symbol, although the 'official' symbol uses two strikes a single strike is perfectly acceptable and even the use of a capital P is completely accepted as the meaning is usually obvious from context.

    Even in the small shops and markets where price lists are written on bits of paper or on a small balckboard all three forms are common.

    The banknotes aren't much help either they have the denomination in numbers and in words but the symbol never appears, like 100 and then 'Sandaang Piso'.

    Sorry this isn't much help to you, but it does mean that whatever form you produce will be OK.