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Paul Miller


Paul Miller
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  • Re: Vietnamese diacritic ascender adjustments

    But increasing winascend will increase the line spacing, too (at least in a tone of apps that follow the winGDI model).
    Increasing the line spacing is the price you pay for having legible diacritics.

  • Re: Vladivostok v 1.005 / extended Latin & Cyrillic, free, semi condensed sans-serif

    This talk might be of some use to you.

  • Re: Munson, a Victorian style slab serif

    The pothook serifs of the italic look limp -- maybe a tighter-radius turn would firm them up. 
    Consider removing the foot serif from the old-style four. 
    I still think there are problems in balancing the optical weight of curved vs straight thicks. In the regular roman caps, curves seem thicker (e.g. squint at /R, the right side reads heavier than the left). All of the ball-and-stick letters /b/d/p/q/ are worth reviewing for this too. 
    The tails on the italics look exactly the way I wanted them to look, I wanted them to look like the italics from 19th century algebra textbooks.  The sort of italics you get in the equations and I think I have achieved that.

    The balance of the curved stems against the straight stems now looks correct to me except for the R which maybe I adjusted too much, this will be fixed in the next iteration.

    The foot of the 4 will remain.  This is the way it is in the original 'Consort' font and although this font is not a slavish reproduction of that font I think the 4 looks OK as it is.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • Re: Munson, a Victorian style slab serif

    To me this looks far more like Consort + Century rather than Consort + Clarendon.

    Not a criticism, just an observation.

    Well I didn't make it to slavishly copy any font, it just started out as Consort with a good helping of artistic license thrown in with a few ideas from Clarendon, basically whatever appealed to me at the time.

    I just wanted something which would evoke the spirit of Victorian printing and this is what I came up with. Of course it looks like some of the Victorian typefaces, that was the intention.

  • Re: Munson, a Victorian style slab serif

    It is made to resemble a Victorian font but Clarendon is still quite popular for a lot of signage and advertising, even in a modern setting.

    It's free so you have nothing to loose by trying it and seeing if it creates the effect you're after.