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  • Re: What, no Covfefe font yet?

    It's what plants crave. 
  • Re: How big is the type design industry?

  • Re: What is the most interesting font ever made? On quora

    I assume the Dos Equis font is mentioned?
  • Re: LibreOffice 5.3.0 adds OpenType Layout feature support

    I might be inclined to start by contacting Vlad at Monotype and suggesting that a subgroup be established under the umbrella of the Open Font Format working group to work towards developing reference UI(s). Perhaps with a meeting set up at TypeCon or ATypI where interested parties could get together and come up with an approach. That would likely draw the main players to the table, where funding would be one of the issues to discuss.
  • Re: Punctuation Space U+2008

    I asked around and was referred to Ken Whistler, who provided this background, posted with his permission...

    " Indeed. These fixed-width and other special spaces all date to Unicode 1.0, and their proximate source was the Xerox Character Code Standard. (XCCS 1980)

    The punctuation space can be traced to:

    XCCS 0xEE 0x24 "Punctuation space (fixed, device dependent, and normally nonprinting)"

    The "normally nonprinting" note that is associated with this character (and several others of these fixed-width spaces) may have something to do with the Xerox Star implementation -- not sure. You'd have to check with Joe Becker to see if he recalls how the Xerox systems implemented these spaces.