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Bhikkhu Pesala


Bhikkhu Pesala
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  • Re: Why are composite glyphs not used whenever possible in exported TTF files?

    Here are some stats on how much difference decomposing all composites makes:

    * 2,893 glyphs, 1298 composites, 79,653 points, 975,576 bytes
    * 2,893 glyphs, zero composites, 173,282 points, 1,487,016 bytes

    Hinting was applied using ttfautohint on exporting from FontCreator 10.1
  • Re: Typopo, a single-click online tool to wipe out frequent typos

    That’s why I’m building Typopo, an online tool that wipes out frequent typos in English, Slovak, Czech and Rusyn language.
    Not the best advertisement for your tool if it cannot detect an error in your own copy!
  • Re: Jardin Solid

    The steepness of the serifs on E, F, L, T, Z seem a bit out of sync with those on C, G, S. I would make them all the same, maybe also the serif on the inside of the G. Digits 5 and 7 suffer from the same steep serif problem. 

    The Q could use a bit more of a tail. 

  • Re: LibreOffice 5.3.0 adds OpenType Layout feature support

    I have been waiting ten years for this, so I am happy, even if it is not yet user-friendly. 

    If you're willing to edit a few styles to enable features that you need, e.g. Small Capitals in headings, Ordinals and/or Alternative Fractions, etc., in Body Text, then it is not difficult to apply those styles to text as required. 

    I have added a few notes to my review page for LibreOffice to get non-geeks started. 

    Hopefully, within another year or so, someone will volunteer to do the necessary work to implement a GUI to make this more convenient to use for ordinary users. Ordinary users think that the Private Use Area is something entirely different to a set of code-points set aside for OpenType Glyph Substitutions or whatever else the font designer might want to use it for.
  • Re: Petite Caps, anyone?

    Most of my free fonts include both Small Capitals and Petite Capitals, as well as c2pc and c2sc features. I design Petite Capitals on the x-height, and Small Caps as 70-80% of the Caps Height. You could mix Caps to Small Caps (c2sc), with Petite Caps (pcap). 

    Glyph coverage includes Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, and some of Latin Extended Additional. Fonts with Greek glyphs also include Small/Petite Capitals for Basic Greek. 

    My Petite Capitals have a squarer aspect ratio than Small Capitals. The general principle being that apply Petite Capitals to lowercase should not change line length too much. Small Capitals are similar proportions to Capitals.