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Bhikkhu Pesala


Bhikkhu Pesala
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  • Re: German ch and ck ligs

    I think the ch ligature is unrecognisable to anyone nowadays. It looks more like a Cyrillic or Greek glyph, and is completely out of place in Latin text. The ck ligature in the first post is just about legible. 

    In my opinion the ch ligature would work better if the ligature joined at the top of the ascender as it does for ck in this font. Then there is no doubt that what it is. 

  • Re: Color will be the new Italic. Color will be the new Bold.

    Most of the examples that you show are ugly, and only serve to illustrate the excessive use of colour that distracts from the message conveyed by the text.

    For example: Look at the headings Contents, Preface, and Introduction in your book. They should be a single colour. The three-coloured drop capitals are fine, but three-coloured headings are just gaudy. I would not even want to read the book if it was laid out like that.  

    Effective use of colour may well help to communicate a message, but mixing three colours in a single glyph is just distracting. It might work in a logo, but not in text that needs to be read and understood.  

    This is more than enough colour to make the word stand out:

  • Re: Naming font modifications

    I would just change the version number. I assume that if someone has used my font in perhaps dozens of documents they won't want to go through each of them changing the font. They will simply uninstall the old version of the font and install the new one, expecting to see the changes when they open any document. 
  • Re: Typopo, a single-click online tool to wipe out frequent typos

    Kent Lew said:
    Bhikkhu — It is entirely likely that Brano’s tool is indeed targeted to operate on Rusyn, a Slavic language, given that the other stated targets include Slovak and Czech.
    No doubt that you're right. It would still be better with the extra comma, and without the word language, or it should be "languages."

    > English, Slovak, and Rusyn. 


    > English, Slovak, and Rusyn languages.