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Bhikkhu Pesala


Bhikkhu Pesala
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  • Re: Usefulness of Emoji in a fun example

    Here's a typical example of miscommunication cause by emoticons. Someone posted this in reply to a post of mine, without any accompanying text. Even if I enlarge it, I have not got a clue what it is meant to convey. 

  • Re: Usefulness of Emoji in a fun example

    Esperanto has been around for decades, but who uses it? Emojji being around for decades in Japan means that a good number of Japanese understand it, but a universal way of communicating it is not, and never will be. 

    Finishing a message with :smile: or (~_~) or :lol:  is not a problem, but to be blunt, investing years of development time and discussion adding a ton of stuff that few font designers will add, and even fewer font users will find is not a wise use of human energy. The Unicode Consortium is out of touch with the international online community. 

    I include a full set of miscellaneous symbols and icons, dingbats, and some more in my fonts because copy/paste is very easy to do. However, symbols and icons are not the same as emoticons or emojji. Flags, tick boxes, lunar phases, etc., are very widely understood already. 

    After twenty years of using acronyms and emoticons I can tell you that it is COIK. 
  • Re: Usefulness of Emoji in a fun example

    I must be getting old. For me, Emojji fail to communicate anything at all. The aphorism "A picture says more than 1,000 words" is only true if the image is big enough to see, and carefully drawn or photographed by the artist. 

  • Re: My second font design

    See the Etymology of Ampersand on Wikipedia.
  • Re: What are the names for styles of the digit one?

    Note that the example I used for the Roman style uses the "old style" in the date.
    That is not an Old Style figure 1. In Typography, "OldStyle" refers to figures that align with x-height, like the font used in this forum 0123456789 (Georgia is another font with OldStyle figures).