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Mike Wenzloff


Mike Wenzloff
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  • Re: Proposal for font distribution/installation app

    Most of my income comes from layout work and so the below is really from that perspective. It is a must that I retain the font versions used in the production of said work. (A new version can cause reflow, line spacing issues, etc.)

    Even if I was still doing web-work, I wouldn't want my fonts swapped out upon a new version being available & served up.

    I personally would not purchase fonts from a distributor who had their hooks into me & my computers and/or servers that deeply.
  • Re: Best Foundry Sites

    If I had to pick a major player's site, it would be MyFonts. Though I don't like that they changed the site to always default to showing image tiles, it is the easiest to browse, navigate and purchase from for me.

    That said, I prefer simpler sites. I don't need fully interactive sites. I don't need a slider to show me a half dozen tiles. 
  • Re: Quador – a squarish serif

    Yes, looking at the new screen shot, I do like the step in weights better, Arne!

    If anything, I might play with ramping up the regular very little. That would provide a bit more contrast to the light all the while evening out the transition to the semi & bold weights.
  • Re: Quador – a squarish serif

    Or, the current bold could be a semi-bold, the current extra as is becomes the bold, then interpolate a style between the current Extra and Ultra for a new Extra-Bold...

    I personally like the light and regular. I think oft times people's regulars are too heavy, at least for common text sizes.