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Adam Twardoch


Adam Twardoch
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  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping

    We will need to find an icon designer who will take on the task of visualizing all the different operations you can do in FontLab VI. That would be great, actually! 
  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping

    Also: we’ve been on an agile development path for FontLab VI for a long time now. We didn’t publish the Preview builds too often because there were periods when we’ve done some rewrites and refactoring. But mostly, it’s been bug fixing, which no doubt will continue, and we’ll be providing users with relatively frequent updates. Fortunately, with automatic update notifications, this is relatively easy — though people do notice it because we only have update notifications, not completely automatic updates. These days, on iOS, new versions of some apps are released every week, and even on desktop platforms, web browsers get quite frequent silent updates that you hardly ever notice. We’re working towards improving our system, so that people won’t be bothered with update notifications, while at the same time have access to the most recent code, and if they report a problem, they will get the corrected version within one or two days. 
  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping

    Here’s our blog announcement about FontLab VI release:
  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping

    If I create a bunch of new fonts via CMD+n and the close the program, instead of asking for saving, it crashes. Full error message text sent by email.

    There will be blood. And updates. 
  • Re: FontLab VI now shipping


    Use setting 3 of if you prefer to work with floating windows instead of tabs. 

    Note that you can undock the toolbar and the panels from "inside" the main window and stick them to the edge of the screen. 

    Also, each panel has a docking button on the top-right corner which controls its docking, which you can use to prevent panels from docking. See