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Simon Dunford


Simon Dunford
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  • Upcoming Competitions?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if there are any upcoming type design competitions? I know the deadline for TDC just passed, but perhaps in the coming months? I have a typeface I have been working on that is quite extraordinary, but has no real market value >.< it's a load of fun, and I feel I need to enter it in a competition. Perhaps any student oriented competitions? Thanks! 
  • Re: Anti-Ink-Traps

    like this  :D?
  • Re: What was the very first typeface described as “feminine”?

    I don’t want to start an argument or get into gender debates and psychology, but if you look at a, let’s say 12 year old’s handwring. And you take a ‘stereotypical’ identified male and female (stereotypical as in what the media has portrayed to be ‘male’ or ‘female’) and get them to draw the alphabet, is it safe to say that ‘females’ interpretations are more delicate? I can remember back to my childhood, I was watched by my teachers because I showed signs of early OCD. And I remember being very jealous of a few girls that simply could draw letters smoother than I could, it drove me nuts, but I could never fix it, most men are lazier handwriters, even if they are artistic, I think as designers we think too much about designers. But what about non designers? Sorry to go off topic, but unless you’re into calligraphy or a designer, naturally I have seen men’s lettering as lazier then females, is this different for other (non western) cultures?
  • Re: Personal Logo Critique

    Any final thoughts? 
  • Re: Personal Logo Critique

    Starting to look better?