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Simon Dunford


Simon Dunford
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  • Re: MyFonts and families

    Coming from the perspective of someone that is much younger and less experienced I believe the ability to make a "trendy" font family is far easier than it was years ago. You can easily download the software and find tutorials ect. BUT, these trendy types like handmade and scripts are concurrent with design trends and that's why they are so cheap because cheaply made = cheaply sold. Hell with the knowledge I have gained in the last 6 months I could easy go on illustrator and use a cool stroke effect and create a trendy "font" in a weekend or 2. But I believe good type still concours and when you put the time in — the appreciation will come. I think those packs of fonts (I get emails all the time from creative market and other sources) are just a collection of half throw alway typefaces and half trends that will never go anywhere. This strives young designers to create something that is far better and will last for a lot longer. The trend of "handmade" will go away as soon as Nexa Rust is no longer around (soon I hope) 
  • Re: "Dawson Grotesque" Please critique

    I think your first time is always special and will always have a spot in your heart (pun intended) and all opinions aside I think my first has potential in several of the glpys And in several ways, it just needs revisions and more work ! I have the funementals I just need to keep at it and I will make it perfect ( in its own way) and will release it in the near future, all of your advice will go a long way and you will see my new design in the new year (or later) before I release it to get the final verdicts. I agree on both sides but have my own opinions as all of us do. And on both sides: there are a lot of typeface that make no sense like most reverse contrasts or that one I can't remember with much thicker caps > lowercase (Spiekermann talks about it in: stop stealing sheep and find out how type works) which all have some kind of purpose. and a lot of typefaces that are just there imbigiously hmmm Helvetica, Times, Minion. I am going for inbetween like a FF meta mixed with something standard, I just need to keep working on the balance — I'll get there, but with a sea of throwaways, I want to make something that is its own.