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Simon Dunford


Simon Dunford
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  • Re: Personal Logo Critique

    I was speaking in terms of the vintage flare the old beer labels and baseball monograms give off—not a general interest in sports and drinking (although those are great too). I'm a little tired of simple geometric logo grams, and my style is often reflected by a vintage flare along with unique and fitting typography. This is the rational for my monogram design... this was my original logo: 

    and then I made a logo that represented "dunford design" but it was also cliché for simple designs... 

    I want something that reflects my own style, that can express my work—you know?.. 
  • Re: Roijer

    Congrats, have you tried playing with the tail of R to drop it passed the baseline ? I know its unconventional, but the tail just looks squashed, could be a cool alt, just to make some logotypes a little unconfirmed and more expressive ... ? 
  • Re: Combining italic with strait verticles ?

    Based on a quick search some remind me of blackletter a bit. Some just literally look like they took an italic and skewed it. Would love to see more extremes like Nordvest
  • Re: "Dawson Grotesque" Please critique

    Just noticed there is a "Type Design Critiques" I would like to move this thread there !