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Chris Lozos


Chris Lozos
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  • Re: Semi bold, Semibold, Semi-bold, Semi-Bold, or SemiBold?

    I prefer Semibold but I am one voice.

  • Re: What was the very first typeface described as “feminine”?

    I have always had a problem associating gender with a typeface. Type can be used for any purpose by anyone.  The problem for me is the stereotype issue.  A typeface like Curl[z] emits the stereotype of some women but surely not many. What is gained by associating a gender with a face? I have seen   Futura used successfully in women's fashion ads but don't see it as particularly feminine. I would be curious what others may think about adding gender connotation to fonts?
  • Re: What are 'true italics'?

    The big difference comes with sans serif.  It used to be normal for a sans "italic" to be slanted roman.  Now, that is looked upon with a turned up nose.  People reading the original Univers knew exactly what it meant when they saw slanted text--they knew it functioned immediately as italic.  Why do we need hard and fast rules on such things? Nomenclature is different than function.
  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    I guess I am one of those people who was never comfortable with any flag system.  Are we all in such need to pass judgement on every post?  It feels like the gong show.  Most people here do not regularly negatively flag others' posts and are content to just state there opinion or opposition in text.  There are just a few cattle prod abusers who flag often.  Perhaps we should just do away with flags all together or else set a limit of some small number of flags per year per person?  That way, a person would have to really think about how important that flag is to them instead of pouncing on the flag button so quickly.
  • Re: A new approach to spacing?

    Some of us geezers loved the tight but not touching era but that "Poetry of Relevance" example is not a good one.  That "ry" rumps the whole thing and the "va" just ain't makin' it.  ;-)