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Chris Lozos


Chris Lozos
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  • Re: Changes to Reactions

    I guess I am one of those people who was never comfortable with any flag system.  Are we all in such need to pass judgement on every post?  It feels like the gong show.  Most people here do not regularly negatively flag others' posts and are content to just state there opinion or opposition in text.  There are just a few cattle prod abusers who flag often.  Perhaps we should just do away with flags all together or else set a limit of some small number of flags per year per person?  That way, a person would have to really think about how important that flag is to them instead of pouncing on the flag button so quickly.
  • Re: A new approach to spacing?

    Some of us geezers loved the tight but not touching era but that "Poetry of Relevance" example is not a good one.  That "ry" rumps the whole thing and the "va" just ain't makin' it.  ;-)
  • Re: Type Network

    Si, are they moving their home office to Palermo?
  • Re: Sloping math symbols in italic faces, is it normal?

    My point is that you already have upright math symbols in the roman, why do you need another set of the same with the italic? You are forced to pick upright.  Rather than forcing a user to do anything I may feel is correct, in general, I would rather give the user the option to choose the version that is correct in their thinking for their express purpose rather than tie their hands to my choice.
  • Re: Diversifying TypeDrawers

    I expect them to admit to their privilege

    I understand and agree with most of what you say.  I must interject one clarification.  All men have NOT been privileged. I  have received none of the "goodies" that the privileged men [and there sure are some, think Trump Roman] have received.  The only thing I have ever received in my life that was due to my gender was an offer that I could not refuse from our country--an all expenses paid trip to Vietnam in 1967-1968.  The "privileged" few white males who sent us there got to stay safe at home while the rest of us were getting shot at or having our minds destroyed by the true horror of man at his worst.  Go look at how many homeless and mentally ill men got that way courtesy of one war or another.  The privileged of Our country have thrown them all in the trash and ignored them throughout time.  Other than having an occasional parade on Memorial day, nothing is done to help them by those who sent them.  The only ones that help them are the poor bastards [men and women] with compassion for what was done to them.  The most help have come from the poorest and least privileged of our society.  Widows and children of dead veterans do more than there fare share.  What has Dick Cheney done?
    I do promise to keep doing what I have always done, support everyone equally and stand up for the underprivileged.  I would be more than happy to do what I can for women in the type industry who have experienced poor treatment.  Hopefully, we can get some actual examples to act on if the women come forward and tell their story.