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Shahab Siavash


Shahab Siavash
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  • Re: Font or Font Software

    Kent Lew said:

    In your case, it sounds like Russian law allows you to protect the actual typeface designs as well as the font software. Which U.S. copyright does not.

    I always had a general wondering about this. But there wasn't a related topic or I didn't see it. In case of situations like when the Copyright law of 2 different countries are different so using one country law could harm the creator or designer what would be the best solution? 

    For example there are countries that basically does not have Copyright law as the western world has and therefor a lot of things users could do are basically "legal" in their country but not in a global understanding of Copyright. One should listen to his conscience or his country law and just care about not getting sued?
  • Re: Foundries Allowing Modification

    So I think one of the big concerns here is how the modified font would look and then viewers (supposedly they all know the type designers by name), will judge the font designer for a lack of kerning, bad spacing,... right? But I think it will never happen like this. If someone modify a font and uses it for example in a graphic design project, 1) how people could recognize the font and the font designer if they're not into these things? I mean they don't know all the fonts and designers 2) how they figure out that it is the original font that has failed somehow or it is the result of a typographic thing that a graphic designer did to the font's glyhps? I mean there are thousands of fonts out there.

    Unless the designer specifically mentions the font and the font designer's name. 

    And do you believe in fairness as much as the EULA? If and only if the font is modified and the result isn't redistributed, how much could it hurt the designer? 
  • Re: What was the very first typeface described as “feminine”?

    Now, what was the last typeface described as "masculine"? :) 
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    How come they have never thought about having a typeface of their own before? Nobody cared about $1 million they had to pay to Monotype?
  • When is it worth changing the strikeout or underline position or style?


    I'm guessing never! Weirdly I've never thought about this. Yet we in Persian always have problems with the default position of underlines in fonts, because letters go below the baseline and it gets so messy. So normally in the web, people remove the underline and just apply styles like color. (a lot of Latin websites are also doing this, it is apparently more simple and clean. Although in Latin there are couple of letters below the baseline too.)

    But in general if it is not a webfont, which apps or programs use the font parameters and not their own built-in settings? I think Adobe uses its own. Is there a way to override? 

    For example as a fun thing, I did this with underline and strikeout, but Adobe just doesn't care.

    So it is worth changing those parameters at all?

    P.S: I realized yesterday that you can now use text-decoration-skip: ink for a webfont and do this (In Google Chrome), which is pretty cool :) And in Canary, it would be auto by default.