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Shahab Siavash


Shahab Siavash
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  • Re: Enabling HTTPS

    Vanilla's prices are strange comparing the product, in my opinion. 
    Vanilla isn’t built for small sites like Typedrawers. It’s for big brands that use forums as marketing and tech support tools. For them the cost of Vanilla plans is immaterial. Typedrawers has been on Vanilla since they were a tiny tech startup, so they kindly let us hang around.
    It is actually very kind that they are doing this. I hope somehow the HTTPS thing gets resolved too :)
  • Re: Foundries Allowing Modification

    So I think one of the big concerns here is how the modified font would look and then viewers (supposedly they all know the type designers by name), will judge the font designer for a lack of kerning, bad spacing,... right? But I think it will never happen like this. If someone modify a font and uses it for example in a graphic design project, 1) how people could recognize the font and the font designer if they're not into these things? I mean they don't know all the fonts and designers 2) how they figure out that it is the original font that has failed somehow or it is the result of a typographic thing that a graphic designer did to the font's glyhps? I mean there are thousands of fonts out there.

    Unless the designer specifically mentions the font and the font designer's name. 

    And do you believe in fairness as much as the EULA? If and only if the font is modified and the result isn't redistributed, how much could it hurt the designer? 
  • Re: Foundries Allowing Modification

    I think the assumption that concerns about quality are concerns — or primarily concerns — with reputation are mistaken. It isn't that I think that someone will see a poorly modified font and associate it with me, but that I don't like to see things created with care and attention to detail being messed up. For me, the concern about quality is concern about the thing itself.

    This is not to suggest, of course, that all modifications result in a diminishment of quality, but it does mean that if one has a blanket permission for modification in a license, then one is surrendering any kind of quality control. It's extra work, but I think requiring a licensee to contact you and ask for permission to modify a font is a reasonable requirement. It allows one to ask some questions, offer some advice, or even propose to make the modifications oneself.

    Please help me understand this: If the concern is about the quality, so how about the time that there isn't a modified font and instead the designer did the modifications to the text written by the font (as in a typographic poster)? Are we going to be concerned about that as well? I mean I'm a graphic designer and it is safe to say that I never use a font without doing some changes to the text.

    One can't possibly prevent a designer to do changes to the text, right? So what's the difference here?
  • Enabling HTTPS

    I think it's good to enable https protocol on TypeDrawers. Because as you may heard before, now all browsers treat http websites as "Not Secure" and it affects SEO and access to the website now and in the future.

    This doesn't happen all the time yet. But it will be very soon.

    You can find a free https service like Let's Encrypt.
  • Re: Plex; IBM's new font identity model

    And another thing. It supports I think like 106 languages and yet doesn't have Persian/Arabic. I think a big firm like IBM certainly needs (if not Persian) Arabic at least. SamsungOne, that Nokia font, Intel and Apple fonts,... all of them had Arabic.