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Hrant H. Papazian

Specialist in Armenian typeface design. Interested in multi-script typography, readability and notan... and everything else.


Hrant H. Papazian
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  • Re: Home office vs. office

    I have trouble in total silence, so whenever I can I put TV shows in languages I don't know in the background. The music I listen to is almost always in languages I don't know.
  • Re: Units per em

    No specifics about 1000 assumption, sorry. Mostly very old stuff. Sort of like how COBOL is still around.  :-)

    When MS [co-]created TrueType they conceived of and confirmed the speed advantage.
  • Re: Units per em

    Unless you have a good reason to not use 1000, use 1000, since some software still assumes it.

    An Em that's a power of two (typically 2048) is reputed to result in faster rasterization, but it's probably rarely relevant.
  • Re: Home office vs. office

    I worked from home for about seven years.

    I have only one rock-solid advice: make sure your work area is at least two rooms away from the kitchen.
  • Re: Type Design Workshops or Classes in LA

    LA type design: the few, the proud.  :->

    There have been type design classes on-and-off (I taught one at Art Center At Night some years ago) but mostly light stuff, and mostly as part of graphic design degrees. There might be something now brewing at Otis however...

    Your best hook into the type scene here is an organization called TypeEd. Although most of their efforts go towards typography in graphic design, they have proper respect for type design, and are very active and well-connected. Among other things they're co-organizing a TypeThursday once a month, where people show their fonts-in-progress and get feedback. The next one is in Little Tokyo on April 6. See you there?

    In terms of education, no matter where you live I still generally recommend the classical type design one: self-taught. :-)  Make stuff, put it out for slaughter, pay attention, brew slow.