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Hrant H. Papazian

Specialist in Armenian typeface design. Interested in multi-script typography, readability and notan... and everything else.


Hrant H. Papazian
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  • Re: Early forms of Cyrillic Р/р

    I would not wish upon Russia what has happened to Japan. A hollowed nation since their surrender, which was fabricated merely to allow their royals to live. But one fine day...
  • Re: Early forms of Cyrillic Р/р

    > I regret to have to drag politics into this

    I would regret not doing so.

    The question of how political a font should be is not clear-cut, and most of all depends on how political the designer is. On the one hand holding back a design option from users is a form of censorship, curtailing cultural progress; on the other hand one should try to make fonts that exhibit one's own political leanings. Anything else is hypocritical.

    Nationalism is harmful in proportion to sociopolitical dominance; in a threatened culture it can be a force for good. To me Russia remains on the back foot since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the national disaster that was Yeltsin. The inferiority complex is very real, and I believe something like a rounded Ruble symbol (at the very least) can help, if in a small way. It's like how the recently created Turkish Lira symbol allows Islam to make its mark (versus a very Western alternative). See second paragraph here:

    It's not good to bottle up the desire for respect. It must out.
  • Re: Would you like to own a typographer's mould?

    Ink balls. I want me some ink balls.
  • Re: Philippine piso symbol U+20B1

    From your description I figured that things might be hazy enough to leave the door open to help this symbol out structurally. Like how people have thankfully been weaned off a dollar sign with two verticals. I do realize that many (perhaps most) type designers don't see such a role for themselves, but since as a field we're the most qualified to do it...
  • Re: Philippine piso symbol U+20B1

    I was going to propose a new structure but then realized the Ruble already uses it...

    Ah, what about this?