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Hrant H. Papazian

Specialist in Armenian typeface design. Interested in multi-script typography, readability and notan... and everything else.


Hrant H. Papazian
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  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    @Ramiro Espinoza Echo chamber much? Polarizing, I admit. Great way to expose what's inside people BTW. So we can deal with it.

    Here's some more opportune advice: say No to revivalism.

    BTW what do you think of Scott-Martin's advice?
  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    Artur Schmal said:
    I don't think I have ever suggested I'd like to see someone sued
    Glad to hear that, I stand corrected.

    @Dyana Weissman @Frode  Are none of Paul's posts off-topic, or inappropriate?
  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    BTW is there a reason certain people attack me but never Scott-Martin who is saying similar things? (Rhetorical question.)
  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    ybaggar said:
    I don't understand the point you're trying to make. Absence of actual legal actions? I'd say it's a good thing
    Yes, the absence of legal action (well, as far as we know, since unlike Ralph Unger's Lutetia it's pretty recent, and court systems like to take their sweet time to milk us more) is significant... and somehow remains ignored by certain people in this thread... If TEFF does not confront Sharp Type, are its JvK threats not merely a scare tactic? Part of me actually hopes that's not true, because to me that's just as bad as plagiarism.

    I have a hunch that Eros was a bridge too far, and we might end up hearing things, but the JvK stuff is too hard to enforce. Hence Unger (in Germany, mind you) selling his Lutetia since 2014.

    Hey, I personally agree that the lack of legal action is a good thing. But do you think everybody in this thread agrees? I think one of the people who did a Like on your post would be delighted to see Unger sued into oblivion...
    Examples on the market? 
    The MyFonts best seller lists?  :-/
    Anything that's not from the 20th century is from before the invention of printing...
    To make good money on that, the typeface would have to be rather expensive and/or become somewhat/very fashionable.
    Makes sense.
    Actually I found the perfect name. Perfect. And I very rarely use that word. I've been smiling about it since yesterday.
  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    @ybaggar Well expressed, and I agree with most of it.

    But nostalgia, it's poison.