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Hrant H. Papazian

Specialist in Armenian typeface design. Interested in multi-script typography, readability and notan... and everything else.


Hrant H. Papazian
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  • Re: Upcoming Competitions?

    The main reason I would like to win at TDC is to refuse to pay the extra fee and make more people aware of it.
  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    So basically the advice here is to look for ways to evade copyrights? I find that a doubtful reply to what is a doubtful request to begin with.
    It's not nearly so clear-cut. And to me the request is not at all doubtful, but an honorable attempt to find a fair resolution.

    I would ask these questions in opposition:
    — Does it make sense to follow all the laws of all other countries? Does it even make sense to cherry-pick and follow a law of another country that has in fact changed in the 80 years since the work's creation that happened to occur there? A work that was notably based on other sources? A work that others (not least Rädisch) contributed to? If JvK's death does not invalidate ownership, neither does the death of those he based his work on invalidate theirs. Why is specifically 70 years after the death of the author relevant, morally? It's just another law in some other country. Countries have different laws mostly –although of course not entirely– for good reason, and our own citizenship is mostly a matter of circumstance. Saudi women who move to the US can drive.
    — Isn't type squatting a doubtful practice? I don't mean legally, I mean culturally. To be fair, I'm not completely sure this is a case of type squatting; but every passing year (especially with no fonts being released in a decade, if I'm not mistaken) it becomes more likely.
    — Is it not possible for somebody to be sufficiently opposed to a given law that they decide to take a morally valid risk? Illegal things are not necessarily wrong.

    As always, Intent is the key. If the intent is to take advantage of people, of course it's wrong. If the intent is to finally make something culturally valuable available to users, then it's not. Especially if they're taking a personal risk.
  • Re: Romanée – New Release?

    I call TEFF's behavior "font squatting", and am firmly against it.

    Good luck.
  • Re: Coolangatta

    I've only looked at the first specimen and the last one, but frankly it looks like you got a bunch of bad advice along the way, or in the best case, it's become a design-by-committee... This would explain why you feel lost. (The highest calling of a critic –or teacher– is not to help people make fonts the way they themselves do, but to help them make the best fonts they would want to.)

    The last thing you want is a me-too design. When I looked at your original I immediately thought that playfulness (something I myself suck at) would be its saving grace. It might be too late in the game* and there surely is some advice worth following in this thread, but I would go back, and the first thing I would do is instead of normalizing the vertical proportions (yes, that's me saying that :-) I would make all the extenders vary in length... and keeping that original "g" crazy like a fox.

    * Or you could keep this and make a playful sister for it.
  • Re: [OTVar] Contrast Axis (ctst)

    That seems like an elegant stance, but there's still the potential of people seeing scripts with horizontal contrast as abnormal. And what about scripts that conventionally have no contrast, like Thai? You can't call a Thai font with thicker horizontals "reverse-contrast" without referring to Latin, and furthermore making it sound somehow inferior. Lastly, it can make things pretty confusing in a multi-script system with mixed contrast...

    In the end that "normal" is the problem; I see no reason to give vertical contrast in Latin such an unassailable position. Calling something "reverse" implies it's inferior, and that impedes exploration. In contrast :-) "vertical" and "horizontal" have no baggage.