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Ori Ben-Dor


Ori Ben-Dor
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  • Re: Freitag — toying around with a geometric display sans

    Quinoa Neue :smile:
  • Re: Numerals

    To me it looks too modernistic, weird even.
  • Re: Numerals

    Don't you think it add a little spice?
  • Re: Quador – a squarish serif

    In the sample above I replaced the teardrops with rectangled terminals to go further with the idea of a squarish serif. What do you think?

    I like the rectangled /a/, its bowl has character. I would use that bowl.
  • Re: Coolangatta

    1. The bowl doesn't look balanced to me. The right half looks more squarish then the left half, especially at the bottom (is it vertically symmetrical?). You've probably moved the arches away from the vertical stem too much, or didn't change the right half to match the new shape of the left half.

    2. I think you've started thinning the bowl too soon, which contributes to the impression of imbalance. I'd have it starting to thin only after the "corners".

    3. The segment where the vertical stem and the bowl coincide looks too wide, in my opinion. The interior of the bowl should probably eat a little into the vertical stem.