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Adam Jagosz


Adam Jagosz
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  • Re: Pan Nigerian Alphabet

    Interestingly, the German Wiki shows a different version of that alphabet than the other ones. That might imply something about the alphabet's real life popularity. As much as I enjoy learning German, I'm only a beginner. Andreas, maybe you could shed some light?
  • Re: Doesn't the forum webfont need refurbishing?

    Right, I was not fully aware the fallback worked for specific glyphs, I obliviously assumed it's either one font - if it is found - or the other. Thanks a lot for clarifying that!

  • Re: PLAU Introduces Odisseia: a Monospace Type Family in 8 styles

    The ampersand is rather lovely!
    About the video: I'm kind of disappointed. I was expecting something more exciting—but maybe that's because and idea of a typographic music video or something has been haunting me recently.
  • Doesn't the forum webfont need refurbishing?

    I noticed, in my first week here, that the font is lacking Armenian. Today I also noticed it has no support for Vietnamese. Is that, uhm, deliberate?
    One thing that might be considered an advantage is, that it is made really hard to mistake, say, a greek Alpha for an A (yes, no Greek either). But is that really the reason?
  • Re: Kaffeebohne Display

    I'm not sure having the bottom curve of the /a tangent to the vertical is what you want. You might want to move the control point to the left to let more light in. Conversely, you can try working with separate shapes for each element of the letter. This way you will have greater control over the pen logic of your design.
    The idea: