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Adam Jagosz


Adam Jagosz
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  • Re: Wooden Walls lettering

    I think that original 's' was a good start, only it looked too much contructed. The upstroke could be more slanted. Imagine how it looks in upright fonts — it usually is not "upright" as well, but already slanted — so I think it looks more genuine if the italic version is slanted more than the italic stems.
    It could also be slightly curved.

    By the way, I think the upstroke connecting the s strikes as too thin (compared to the thinnest in 'd', for instance).
  • Re: Dafont has been hacked

    The message above still shows up. Is that for real? :open_mouth: How many days can be counted as "a few"? I guess resolving this is going to take them as long as reviewing font updates. That is to say, forever.
  • Re: Pan Nigerian Alphabet

    Interestingly, the German Wiki shows a different version of that alphabet than the other ones. That might imply something about the alphabet's real life popularity. As much as I enjoy learning German, I'm only a beginner. Andreas, maybe you could shed some light?
  • Re: Doesn't the forum webfont need refurbishing?

    Right, I was not fully aware the fallback worked for specific glyphs, I obliviously assumed it's either one font - if it is found - or the other. Thanks a lot for clarifying that!

  • Re: PLAU Introduces Odisseia: a Monospace Type Family in 8 styles

    The ampersand is rather lovely!
    About the video: I'm kind of disappointed. I was expecting something more exciting—but maybe that's because and idea of a typographic music video or something has been haunting me recently.