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Adam Jagosz


Adam Jagosz
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  • Re: Anti-Ink-Traps

    I see this forum is so much more about psychology than I initially thought. I can't count the times I wanted to post a new discussion or answer but abstained because I was too anxious about being put on public display. For ever... There were also times I did and then regretted. Those I can count, obviously.

    And I see I was right about Hrant being automatically classified as the clown though he's just witty in a way some people don't find that way. I feel terribly stupid standing up for a guy twice my age especially since he doesn't need it. I guess I need it. To be the clown. I just wanted to bring your attention to giving more attention. To people. All of them. Because when you judge, it says next to nothing about the one being judged. Not so much, about the judger.
  • Re: Mezalia - modern bastard

    You might consider adjusting the weights of the verticals and the dexter diagonals to match more. I see they are calligraphy-inspired, but after all, you already made a lot of adjustments that are impractical or difficult to achieve with a broad nib. That said, looking at the text samples, I don't find the broader diagonals heavily imbalanced, but some of the capitals (/M, for instance) do stand out more than the others.

    The new /S is definitely too short. The top and bottom angular joins need more overshoot.

    Similarly, there's something about the /P, and to a lesser extent, /B and /R, that makes them look meek and muffled among other caps. I'd consider doing something crazy to their top onstrokes, maybe adding in some slope? And maybe some advance width to /B, some weight to /P.

    Otherwise, looking great! The texture is really nice. The figures have a lot of character. The stress structure of the diagonal in /7 might be something to reconsider, though.
  • Re: Best Foundry Sites

    From aforementioned, I agree TypeTogether has stunning look, and a clean one, too, but usability? – not as much. I've just tried to create an account and for the first time I thought my browser froze because I couldn't click CREATE, though it looked like I filled out all I needed. So I refreshed the site, and meticulously filled in all the fields again, only to discover why the previous trial failed – I had not selected country. So I tried to do this right that time, and I found the country list uncomfortable – lists of this kind should be searcheable comboboxes, not lists of checkboxes one needs to scroll all the way down and then aim at the right box. But I had scrolled all the way to the middle, clicked, and tried to proceed only to find out the address cannot contain non-ASCII characters, and do so in not-such-a-design-wise-stunning way (a plain text, non-html error message). So I tried to create the account for the third time, but it appeared that the account had been created, only the personal data (none of it!!) was not persisted.

    I'm sorry if I'm being vicious (I tend to), or too detailed, just wanted to get through with the full experience.

    No, actually, I'm not. I then tried to update the data, but whatever I tried, clicking UPDATE would just refresh the site and clean the forms, except for the email, password and name.

  • Re: Private Use Area for ligatures and alternates

    If the OT lookups substitute for PUA-encoded glyphs, I thought searching through the text was impaired? As aforementioned.
    About composites, do you mean making a reference from one glyph to another? I once thought that was possible (while, well, reverse-engineering Arial) but I now tried exporting a font containing references into OTF in FontForge and the references were gone (unreferenced) upon export. Do I need to take additional steps to export references? Or do I need to use another tool and not FF?
  • Re: Can apostrophes swing both ways?

    I recall seeing the reversed quotation marks somewhere, but sadly I cannot find any information about their use online. Wikipedia only shows early French usage of quotes that gave rise to guillemets:

    I once thought that a reversed apostrophe would fit neatly after a /t, because in some fonts a regular one creates too much white space.