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Beau Williamson


Beau Williamson
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  • Re: Why FontCreator hardly used by professionals?

    I think one of the things that gives Quadratic Béziers a bad name with people more familiar with Cubics is the way software like Illustrator convert them. When you outline ttf fonts in Illustrator, you get a lot of unnecessary points.

    I never understood why the minute any process gets simpler or less time consuming, it's immediately considered as "un-professional"

    Look at Glyphs. The last time I looked it seemed to make design much simpler, but I hear praise for it from the professionals. I think it is missing features rather than simplicity that draws the call of being un-professional. If I may invoke recent development at Adobe, they have been simplifying features in a way that make their products easier for amateurs, but takes away functionality from experienced professionals.

  • Interesting digital type history videos

    I'm sure some other people here would appreciate these Computerphile videos that talk about the history of digital type. Maybe not useful, but for those who love details of our history:
    A bit about early digital type:
    and some about early typesetting:

  • Re: Kerning Underscore

    Oh, now I want to kern all my tildes. Wavy line is great.
  • Re: Odd Font Issue - Language

    Never found what was wrong. What I did was rebuild the font, step by step copying over the glyphs and coding, watching for the error to pop up. It never did, so I believe that the original file must have been corrupted somehow during one of the Fontlab crashes. That is the only thing I can think of. Thank you to all who helped me, especially Peter Constable.
  • Re: Show me your failures!

    When I started my first text font, I just wanted to pay attention to the technical side of the work, so I purposefully made the outlines very ugly. My idea was to learn about character sets and open type without getting bogged down in the details.

    In the end, I did notice that it actually shone at very small sizes. I did so many legibility tests, blurring the output and correcting for ambiguity, that it remains readable down to about 3pt. Not so much for screen, but a good xerox output was sharply readable.

    So, I've done better since then. But you can't say it's not original.