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  • Re: Custom design contracts

    Ooops.... sorry.  I thought I had replied to this.  Yes, Dave is right.  And, thank you Dave for chiming in.
  • Re: Naming font modifications

    @SiDaniels  This is interesting to me.  We're planning on releasing a new retail version of our Jubilat that will have three serious changes:

    1.  Changed vertical metrics so the descenders don't get cut off in versions of word processing software that are not exactly new but which came out more recently than Jubilat
    2.  additional latin language support like Vietnamese
    3.  wider spacing in the middle widths so it will work well in text settings and not be an exclusively display font

    Since this will not be backwards compatible with the current version we had planned on releasing it as a 2 build, as in the menu will read "Jubilat2"  or possibly "Jubilat 2".  We plan on giving the 2 build for free to all customers who have the current build, supporting the current build for a year or two but not selling it, and then eventually phasing out the old build while trying to be as nice about it as possible.  

    This has been a plan for quite a while so we have talked to a few people about it before we settled on this naming but I don't think there was anyone at Microsoft on our list.  What it amounted to was that there are really no good options and this seemed like the best of the bad.  

    It should be said that the point of the new build isn't simply to improve known issues with the current build.  We are hoping to increase its sales - especially with item #3.  Jubiliat has always done well for what it is (highly display serif font) and we think that it can do more if it's more broadly useful.  So, the naming is important in that it will effect messaging to customers who might have passed on Jubilat before and could take a second look.

    What do you think?
  • Re: Naming font modifications

    These are all really great ideas.  I'm going to respond one by one

    @SiDaniels It's not so much a question of whether this is an upgrade to something like a Pro (which you could argue it is because of the expanded language support) as the precedent we've already set when we did an Omnes Pro build.  When we did that we also added language support (and moved over to OTF) but the metrics were backwards compatible.  We want to differentiate this more since it will require changes to layouts.

    @Dave Crossland  Good idea!  Our company style guide is to spell out numbers one to ten already so it fits with the brand.  I know that @EbenSorkin will raise concerns about character count for custom builds though.

    @Dan Reynolds It shows how busy we are with Halyard that none of us thought of Neue Jubilat.  It's also a good idea, though has more characters than @Dave Crossland's idea.  But it has a flare to it that I like.

    @PabloImpallari I appreciate the creative thinking.  However, the bar for a new optical size name is higher with us, as the foundry of the man who designed Freight (though we don't own it ourselves).  This will make more sense in a few weeks when our new release, Halyard, comes out.  It has three optical sizes - each designed separately.  
  • Re: Naming font modifications

    +1 for Nameoffont_Nameofclient (with a space or underscore, etc.).

    I’ve been told by a lawyer for a company I used to work woth that, if Nameoffont is a registered trademark, then putting anything new before Nameoffont weakens the trademark holder’s claim to that trademark, however slightly. So, a client might want Nameofclient_Nameoffont, but that was not something this lawyer could sign off on.

    (Of course, I should add here that I am not a lawyer, and this post should not be misconstrued as actual advice, since I do not have an understanding of how laws surrounding trademarks in any jurisdiction are specifically applied.)
    Agreed.  We researched this on our own and found similar information.

    I have a recollection from when we first started doing this that the underscore is important (as opposed to just having a space) but I've long forgotten the research that lead us to this convention.  We never looked supper closely into the legal aspects of this naming convention so I can't speak with confidence about whether this is actually true about the trademark.

    I would argue that it doesn't matter.  This convention works for us and our clients and has been really useful as a license compliance tool.  We sometimes require clients who have very large group licenses for less than the full family (especially if their license covers contractors) to have a renamed font using this convention even if there are no modifications.  
  • Re: Home office vs. office

    As a business side person I need to build my schedule around client need.  Yes, I have my own projects and I'm involved on internal projects but the key scheduling factor is when I will be needed for technical, sales and licensing support by clients.

    Our clients are all over the world (as is true for most foundries) with only about 45 percent in the US and about half of that 3 time zones away from me.  It works out that even though I don't need to work more than 8 hours in a day I need to be available from 7am EST (at the latest) till 8 or 9pm EST.  There are gaps in the middle of the day when I'm less needed and a few key times right before various key time zones leave for the day that I need to be especially reachable.  I tried to work from an office and it just didn't make sense.  I ended up either spending more time there than is healthy or doing most of my work in off hours and just lounging in the office.  Working from home allows me to work organic hours as needed and still have a life.