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  • Desperately seeking digital librarians

    I've got a lecture coming up and for prep I would like to send a surveymonkey questionnaire to as many buy side font licensing managers as possible.  It will be quick - I just want to know what they look for when they encounter a new EULA.  I'm hoping for direct introductions so my email will not go into spam.  

    I'll share the results of the survey here when I compile them.

    Please pm me if you know someone and can introduce us.  Thanks!
  • Re: Best Foundry Sites

    Just some thoughts from someone who overshow a redesign last year and a microsite this year:

    When we did our redesign our mantra was "it's a website, not a magazine." (a little less so with the microsite). It was very helpful and not easy to stay true to.  For as long as there have been foundry websites they have been the showroom for the studio and as our business moves increasingly to users anticipating web we need to make sure we showcase web typography interacting with good UI.  Our user session data shows that people find our site intuitive.  If you have specific feedback please pm me.  
  • Re: New Darden Studio eula

    @Hrant H. Papazian. I'm not going to engage on your bugaboo.  You're just inventing a question so you can polish your sword stump.  Modifying isn't allowed and that's clear.  Clients have plenty of other reasons to license a font 
  • Re: New Darden Studio eula

    @Adam Jagosz I don't hate Hrant.  We're friends.  That said, I do tend to shut off my brain when he talks about this topic. 

    I stand corrected.  I think Hrant has caught a drafting error.  I will make sure to do something about it quickly.
  • New Darden Studio eula

    it took a lot longer than we planned (last atypi I said "a few months") but we're finally live with the new eula.

    The documents were actually written last December but we waited to post them till we could make some changes to the site.  We're also publicly displaying three addenda documents and the corresponding pricing  (though purchases of addenda still need to go through our office.)

    Link :