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  • Re: Naming font modifications

    Also, to reply directly @Bhikkhu Pesala 's comment:

    I think it is super important to guard the name of our font as associated with the retail build.  Fonts get around, even those that are not top sellers, and we want to make certain that there is no misunderstanding about what the retail version is.  

    I'm sure there are some clients who will be really annoyed by having to change some layouts once but they are not the majority and, even if they were, they aren't being reasonable.  The clients who commission a modification to our fonts are often among the most high profile users of that given font.  The risk to the font brand if the retail build brand gets diluted is a far bigger deal than the inconvenience of a little work at the front end for the client.  Such damage to the brand can't be repaired.  
  • Re: MyFonts and families

    we've seen a decrease in the same period (not as big but still noticeable).  I had thought it was because our biggest seller has been around a while and was losing steam but perhaps it's simply industry wide?  Are other indie foundries seeing the same?
  • Re: Trained to ignore license agreements

    We also get inquires.  Some people are very careful and do understand and deserve credit for it.  It feels like they are in the minority though
  • Re: Modification Briefs - Best practices

    @Hrant H. Papazian, darling... That really isn't why.  Can we please not insult each other?  You can think we are wrong headed but please do not suggest that we are anti-cultural villains.
  • Re: Website Critique

    I bet it looks amazing on a large screen but on my 13" MacBook Air the words are bit a too big for ease of reading.