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Hin-Tak Leung


Hin-Tak Leung
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  • Article on typography & culture wars

    This post is more like @Dave Crossland 's posting, but one has got to do something different once in a while. :smile: happy reading.
  • Python binding and example availablefor checking font hints

    I have forked freetype-py (the python binding for freetype) with some additions and an example for how to use it against the diagnostics-enhanced freetype backend for FontVal. The details is in my freetype-devel posting. Mostly for people who are dead-against C# or dead-for python, I guess.

    I have also filed 3 bugs with freetype-py on the way. Please feel free to have a go fixing them, for those python-heads among you.
  • Re: Color will be the new Italic. Color will be the new Bold.

    You are aware that up to 8% of Caucasian males and 1% of Caucasian females have some degree of red-green color blindness? It is one of the most widely-known and common X-linked inherited illnesses. "X-linked" as in located on the X chromosome - males has one and female two, so female can be carrier without being affected.

    So one always have to be careful about relying on color to convey information - for example, if you use green-on-red for emphasis, it might have the opposite effect: a substantial part of the general population simply see it as redacted.

    I am also of the opinion that legibility comes first - ornamental to the extent of sacrificing legibility isn't.
  • FontLab Type-Tool mentioned in local newspaper

    I think some of the FontLab folks hanging out here will appreciate reading this. It is a 2/3 page article in its entirety. I hope the whole page is readable. Happy reading.
  • Re: glyf (i.e. contour) analysis reports on libre fonts.

    The font validator warnings were supposedly written around 2000, but newer Microsoft fonts like Calibri in fact do use overlapping components, so probably this warning can safely be ignored now.

    I think I wrote about this, but it hasn't registered in some people's mind: Microsoft substantially refactored/rewritten the glyf test between 2003 (the last public binary) and 2009 (the opened code). So this part of FontVal can be as "young" as 2009.

    I am fairly tired of people wanting to weaken tests. The way I see it, font checks should only get stricter, more warnings and more errors, as there are more old/odd/different, and different versions of renderers over time, and more problems to trip over. It should rarely if ever get weaker. If you just want some software to "okay" rubber-stamp your font, maybe just writing "my font is okay" on a piece of paper and put it up on your own wall is easier.

     If you think a warning/error message does not apply to  you, and you do not want to support old/odd renderers, please ignore it. No need to tell me.

    Many practices are "allowed" (i.e. tolerated), but not encouraged. I think that was the meaning of Microsoft's message. And between "allowed" (tolerated) vs "encouraged", there is room for a warning message.