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Hin-Tak Leung


Hin-Tak Leung
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  • Re: VTT v6.0

    I am pretty sure I do. I had a new computer this summer though (the reason why fontval 2.1 was delayed) . 6.0's installer should be in the older hard drive. I'll find it if nobody else has it in more convenient way.
  • Re: VTT v6.0

    @Micah Stupak I am not as neat I as thought - the old VTT 6.10 was downloaded to somewhere below my FontVal directory :-) . So it was moved over together when I continued with Fontval . It is not at all troublesome to find - it is just in my current hard drive. I zipped them up (both the 32-bit and 64-bit installer) as:

    Enjoy and please report when you find. The above URL is 6.10 (feb 2016) but I am fairly sure I have also the 6.01 (August 2015). That's definitely in the older hard drive. If you want 6.01, give me a shout.

    Version 6.20 [March, 2017 release]
    Version 6.10 [February, 2016 release]
    Version 6.01 [August 31, 2015 release]

  • Re: Font Validator 2.1 Release Notes and status

    Mac and Linux binaries for Font Validator

    So I just uploaded 4 tar balls:

    (and their gpg signatures as *.sig for the security-conscious people)


    Most people also want the FontValidatorHelp-2.1.chm file for reference too.

    Each of the tarballs is just one file inside, the command line tool for Mac OS X, GUI, for Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 . The Mac GUI still have the issue a year ago where it would say "Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file", pause
    for a couple of minutes when run the first time, before showing.

    For trying out, most people do:

        FontValidator -file <fontfile> +all-tables +raster-tests -stdout

    whereas font designer might like to keep the report where the font is with:

        FontValidator -file <fontfile> +all-tables +raster-tests -report-in-font-dir

    Special thanks to Christian Demmer for multiple rounds of patient testing
    of the Mac OS X binaries!

    If you find it useful,please click to donate.

    @Georg Seifert : please feel free to grab the command-line tool and wrap your GUI around. It is built differently from last year's and is just a single binary, nothing else.

    FontVal 2.1.1

    - This is an update from FontVal 2.1 on the FreeType backend only,
      to VER-2-8-100-g587264cfd .

      We now also offer all-in-one command-line binaries for Ubuntu Linux x86_64
      14.04 and 16.04, in addition to Mac OS X. ( Thanks to new functionality
      in mono introduced in 4.6.0 and matured in 4.8.0 in the last 12 months. )
      The Ubuntu 16.04 binary is preferred, as the 14.04 binary is limited
      by older compiler as mentioned in FontVal 2.1.

      - as rasterization tests now work on all major platforms, "+raster-tests"
        will become the default in FontVal 2.2 .

    The rest of release notes about what changed in the last 12 months since 2.0 :

  • Re: TYPO Labs 2018 Berlin, April 12–14

    Somebody did suggest that I asked for a spot to talk about font validator, and I did fire off a e-mail a couple of weeks ago to another person, but I haven't heard back. So I might as well do it here. So @Ana Regidor , could typolabs be interested in having me talking about font validator and stuff?
  • Re: List of OpenType font feature inspection tools?

    Font Validator's output reports already have a number of "Informative" items; and users already have the options of filtering by Passed/Informative/Warnings/Errors. If it isn't an overwhelming amount of information, and is generally useful to most, it can be added with not much additional code in a fairly straight-forward manner. So do you think this is (1) of general interests , (2) does not take up too much volume or proportion of a report, to add to the output?

    The helpID starting with "I" are such :
    Currently there are 36 of those, out of over 900. About 300 starts with P (passed). Another option is to append to the "Details" field of a Passed item... The rest of 600 is W/E.