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Hin-Tak Leung


Hin-Tak Leung
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  • Re: Help generating CID fonts

    It just crossed my mind that you should know there are two different interpretations/usages of Identity H encoding. When it happens inside an embedded font in a pdf, it often means the cid/gid is just the unicode value, so that extracting the encoding vector becomes direct unicode text. However, in standalone fonts, these days, actually it means "coz I said so" custom ending. Adobe are not consistent themselves. Their opentype CFF fonts - source CJK - uses the latter interpretation, to pack as many glyphs as possible inside. Acrobat reader and many of the open-source pdf readers/writers use the former interpretation for subsetted embedded fonts ( again, for text extraction - I.e. Cut and paste from a pdf) .

    You probably should ask your client which one they mean :-).
  • Re: Is type hinting for screens still relevant? Should new type designers learn it?

    Book of Kells look very decent on android chrome - maybe the problem is windows or MSIE :-)
  • Re: Hall of Shame

    Hmm, I don't have problem with the 'shame' part like some of the other responses, but the "hall" part.

    Surely "hall" of shame should have more than one exhibit? If you don't have more than one exhibit, that does not qualify as a "hall", does it?
  • Re: Is one.osf.ss01 a valid glyph name?

    If there is one well-known application which strips off things after the first dot, even if it is strictly speaking legal, may not be a good idea without a good reason.

    Just because something is strictly speaking legal, not necessarily means that it is a good thing to do :wink:
  • Re: Save the Chinese typewriter

    For an appeal to save what appeared to be substantially pre-1950 technology (i.e. pre-simplified Chinese), it is quite off-putting that it is written in simplified Chinese, and not in the written language it is about... The person appealing is not practicing what he is appealing for. :(

    It would be a bit more convincing if he uses the written language of the appropriate era, traditional Chinese, to write the appeal, instead of what he did.