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Nikola Kostic


Nikola Kostic
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  • Re: Naming the Widest Width

     :D Thanks Hrant. I would ask you to elaborate, but that was pretty self-explanatory.
  • Re: MyFonts and families

    I've read the entire thread, and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.

    I understand that selling deeply discounted products in volume works great for MyFonts, but I believe that it devalues the work of the designer and could eventually hurt the entire font business. I do not blame MyFonts for doing so, it is a legitimate business model, but I think it may not be best suited for everyone (although some designers obviously benefit from it, at least for a while). I have noticed a steady decline in sales on MyFonts since 2013, and it is obvious that the model they have been promoting in the past few years favors something different from what I have to offer. I guess I'll just have to live with that, and try to explore other options for my product. I believe that through hard work, persistence and dedication you can build your brand reputation slowly, and customers will respect that. Joining like-minded foundries with similar quality standards in order to promote and sell fonts seems like a good way to succeed.