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Belleve Invis


Belleve Invis
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  • [OTVar] Instance font by name mangling?

    Aside from STAT, i think there is another way that to serve variable fonts to legacy applications, which is name mangling. The principle is pretty simple: to call FontName's `wght = 100` instance, we lookup for `@ @wght=100@FontName` and the rasterizer would generate an and served that to the application.
  • Should we formalize the OT Spec?

    As OTVar being added, OpenType finally become a programming language somehow...
    So should we formalize it, by defining the semantics of a font into a formalized language (like, Coq or Idris), and define the corresponded functions into it?

    Here is an example of formalized algorithm of calculating a "value + delta" quantity:
  • Re: [OTVAR] Exact definition of “bounding box” in a variable font.

    @Peter Constable The phamtom points already had side bearing.
    Let's consider the situation for VVAR. We have a glyph with only two points, z1 and z2, with their (default) coordinates being y1 and y2 (y1 < y2), and the delta under the chosen instance being δy1 and δy2. In vmtx and VVAR the TSB is defined as t + δt, and the advance height is h + δh.

    Following the definition of glyf’s bounding box, the ymax would become y2, and the vertical origin would be y2 + t in the default instance. This is the peaceful old world we know.

    However in the variable world, the advance height would become h + δh, which is simple. However the top side bearing is now t + δt, and the definition of vertical origin become ambiguous now:

    -        If we follow the glyf’s ymax then the vertical origin would become y2 + t + δt.

    -        If we follow the true bounding box, the vertical origin would become max(y1 + δy1, y2 + δy2) + t + δt. This is a complex formula and it is even not representable in the OTVar’s “value + delta” manner, as the designers expected.

  • Re: FontLab 5: Different ClearType hinting preview in Windows 10

    The old behavior exists in VTT because... they used their own rasterizer.
  • Re: Monospaced ligatures

    In Iosevka I kept the /f_i and /f_l for WGL4 compatibility.
    There is no `liga` feature, though there IS a `calt` (and many no-standard features) to support "programming ligation".