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Johannes Neumeier


Johannes Neumeier
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  • Re: Are foundry initials an inherent part of a type family name?

    In cases of revivals I understand the need to differentiate between different releases of similar design or namesake. When some foundries do this as a matter of principle for all their releases then this kind of blunt force marketing seems so off-putting to me, personally. Some grocery chains have their own line of low budget bulk products under their own in-house brand... it feels like that.
  • Re: Replace ß by smallcap eszett or smallcap ss?

    The question is this: if a type user just typed fußball and makes that word smallcaps, would he/she probably want the ß to be converted to the smallcap eszett, or to (I think more conventional) smallcap ss. And if the latter is the case, how would I make the smallcap eszett accesible?
    ß becomes ẞ. Writing a ß to a ss is a convention that stems from computer systems and typewriters lacking the proper glyph. Although commonly understood, I don't think it is a correct substitution, as argued for the inclusion of the uppercase character to the official alphabet. If the user explicitly wants to keep the dated way of writing, they can explicitly type a double S.
    Imagine someone typesetting a reference list and applying small caps to a style for some highlighting. An author Max Heß would turn into MAX HESS and the publisher from Straßkirchen would be located in STRASSKIRCHEN, both of which are semantically different.