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Simon Cozens


Simon Cozens
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  • Re: Arctedo

    Would it work to thin the top crossovers of the /w as you have with the corresponding ones on the /m? I think that would make it more legible.

    That said, I have to work pretty hard to see the /m as an /m. Maybe a deeper cut on the vertex?
  • Re: Sporty all-caps display face

    Explain the system to me. Why does A-R, T & Z have an on-stroke but not S & U-Y? If B does, why doesn't 5? If L does, why doesn't U?
  • Re: At what point of the design process do you start digitising your drawings?

    I've recently started playing with the idea of doing everything digitally, but "sketching" in the font editor before drawing out the forms. Sort of like using digital graph paper:

  • Dafont has been hacked

    This morning I got a notification from that my credentials at have been exposed due to a data breach. Zdnet has the story. If you have a dafont account, please change your password, and if you use that password on other sites too... don't do that.
  • Re: Rue Charon

    Yeah. I hate to be totally negative but this isn't working for me at all. The different slants  and curved strokes in the original lowercase, and the second one of your new lowercases, mean that my eyes are forever being led in different directions. It reminds me of one of Akiyoshi Kitaoka's anomalous motion illusions.