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Nick Cooke


Nick Cooke
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  • Re: "Dawson Grotesque" Please critique

    I would leave it for at least 6 months, and work on something new in the meantime. When you return to it, any (and there are many), faults will be glaringly obvious, and you will think to yourself "what on earth was I thinking of". You might regret rushing to finish and release something that you later regard as being embarrassingly amateurish. 
  • MyFonts and families

    Have any of you with families on myFonts noticed a drastic reduction in sales since Monotype started pushing their subscription service? Before they took over my family sales were pretty healthy, now it's mainly singles with the occasional family. Anybody else noticed the same?
  • Re: Should we tell Adobe how bad the Illustrator UI is for drawing with beziers?

    I'm still using Freehand which has the same functionality as FontLab. I refuse to use AI as it takes much longer to do anything. It was a sad day when Adobe put Macromedia out of business.