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Nick Cooke


Nick Cooke
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  • Re: Which g?

    I thought you'd chime in with your contrariness :) but that is what I thought too. I thought the original (bottom) one was nice but maybe a little dull. Now I think the top one just needs to be a bit wider with a bit more space around it and a bit more weight in places:
  • Re: Munson, a Victorian style slab serif

    Looks very similar to Century Schoolbook to me. 
  • Re: How to make a font in 9 hours

    I agree. I don't really see the point in insisting on a typeface being finished in a day, anyway. It's not even a great marketing play. But nevertheless, I was impressed by the work he got done in one day.
    Fast and sloppy isn't impressive.
  • Re: "Dawson Grotesque" Please critique

    I would leave it for at least 6 months, and work on something new in the meantime. When you return to it, any (and there are many), faults will be glaringly obvious, and you will think to yourself "what on earth was I thinking of". You might regret rushing to finish and release something that you later regard as being embarrassingly amateurish. 
  • Re: Figma’s Vector Networks, an Alternative to Paths

    I never understood why Adobe didn't incorporate the far superior drawing tools of Freehand into Illustrator when they acquired Macromedia. I'm sure type designers especially would prefer a similar drawing experience to FontLab rather than the crappy clunky Ai UI.