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Dyana Weissman


Dyana Weissman
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  • Re: Changes To Reactions Redux

    I agree with you in spirit, Mark, but in practice, some of those threads would *not* go back on track, despite the flag. 
  • Re: TypeDrawers Changelog

    Dec 18, 2017

    The forum software has changed, so we’ve updated the rules in accordance. Starting now, members can expect warnings when they are breaking the rules. These warnings come with penalties, such as being unable to post as often, or temporary bans.

    A notice gives 0 points and is for minor infractions. 

    A warning level 2 gives 2 points and lasts 1 month. 

    A warning level 3 gives 3 points and lasts 2 months. 

    Someone with 3 or 4 points gets put in "jail" and they can't post new discussions, or post as often.

    Someone with 5 or more points gets temporarily banned.

    Repeated rule-breaking behavior will result in permanent bans.

  • Re: Going dotty

    If I'm remembering correctly, that's the approach Petr took with Bitcount. Since he's not on here, you might try asking him directly. If you don't already have his contact info, it is here
  • Re: Color will be the new Italic. Color will be the new Bold.

    …Or herself?
  • Re: How do you handle the finances of a project?

    In general, my formula is broken down into two parts. 1. The work itself. How many days will this take? And then charge the daily rate. There are SO many variables. A basic Latin sans is going to take way less time than a basic Latin script with texture. 2. The licensing/exclusivity. Which someone else at my company quotes on.

    The videos @Thierry Blancpain posted make very good points.

    As for getting paid, it varies. Overall we have wonderful clients and we don't usually require payment until the project is finished. Some clients, however, might have a complicated payment system, or international red tape to go through, and will take longer to pay. So occasionally we charge a percent up front. Some clients will negotiate a kill fee if they're not entirely sure what they need. I always always always say "changes in scope may cost extra." Scope creep is the worst. It starts with a small change here... and then another one... and then just one more. I let some slide—they are to be expected with newer clients, for example. I usually give a warning the first time "this is considered a change in scope, but we'll let it slide for now," just so the client isn't surprised later when I do charge a fee.